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After spending more than 13 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Jim took the leap into a totally new arena -the Automotive Industry.  Leveraging all that he had learned about Software Development, Business Development, and Executive Business Management he came into an organization that didn't understand the first thing about Software Development Methodologies nor did they know how to run a Software Development organization.

Software Development Methodology

The first thing that was necessary was to learn the culture. Who are the members of the team? What are their strengths? How do they work together? What things or skills are needed?  There were good people, good ideas, and lots of chaos to contend with.  But, quickly, Jim worked with everyone to bring some order and create a plan.  He filled vacancies with more good people, he moved people around, but most importantly he helped the team stick to the plan.  The motto was: Work the plan, check to see if the plan is working.  

Business Development

The next thing that was necessary was to learn the external players in the marketplace, the outside sales staff of distributors, the aftermarket parts distributors, and the industry data providers.  He then had to try to take what he had learned about pharmacy claims adjudication and build something that was totally outside of the box in this marketplace and that is just what he did.  About a year after he started there, they began to release some very powerful and exciting new features into the software.  A mobile version of the application before the mobile revolution of iPhones and Android smart phones.  A new online parts catalog that was deeply integrated with the UI/UX of the application.  Most online parts catalogs, at the time, were either completely separate in other applications or brewer based, but the solution that Jim and his team developed has gone on to be the most successful parts ordering interface in the marketplace.

Executive Business Management

The toughest thing that Jim had to do was to turn the business division around and make it profitable.  When he walked in the door, they were losing money every month.  His goal was to make that division profitable and he did just that.  In the second year that he was there, he increased revenue by 12% and made the division profitable for the first time.  The trend continued and when he left the organization they were reporting profits of over $100K per month.

So was Jim able to do all of this by himself? No, of course not.  He organized, led and developed a team of great people that were responsible for the successes of the division together.  Want to learn how we can help your business transform into the cohesive, success driven, organized team that you hope for?  Contact us at 862.438.5783 today!   

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