1 Video: 7 Ways to Use It

“Video is the future of content marketing.” This statement is only a year old and holds even truer as time continues.  As we are bombarded by content given to us on multiple platforms, we expect to receive and absorb more information in less time.  There is no better way to do this effectively than through video; short, compelling and concise content.

  • 10 March 2016
  • Author: Lacey Foss
  • Number of views: 927
Interstitial Ads: Terrible User Experience and Great Attention Grabbers

I’m sure we’ve all been there.  We click over to a website to browse, shop, or watch a video and BAM –a full page in-your-face ad takes over the screen.  For the most part, we click the X to close the ad and we move on with our lives.  If we’re on a mobile device, this process may be a touch trickier and a little more annoying if that X is just out of reach.  These are interstitial ads and they are pretty big right now.

  • 26 August 2015
  • Author: James Nagy
  • Number of views: 2302
Let the Beacon Technology Explosion Begin

​We introduced you to the iBeacon technology back in 2013, and since the initial shock waves hit everyone’s systems, we haven’t checked back in with you a ton.  Lately though, this Beacon technology is making a huge impression.  In recent headlines, Apple’s iBeacon is the set standard of this technology, Google has swooped in with Beacon technology of their own, a whole town in Georgia was taken over by Beacons, and Facebook is offering free Bluetooth Beacons for business owners. Where do we begin?

  • 5 August 2015
  • Author: James Nagy
  • Number of views: 1665
Dark Posts - How Not to Fail

Well folks, a few weeks ago we filled you in on Using Dark Posts (Unpublished Posts) in Your Advertising.  Afterwards, I went ahead and tried out said post.  Let me start by saying that I fully intend to do another dark post later this week.  I also fully intend for this next dark post to be much more successful than the first.  Here's why: the first post failed.  

Using Dark Posts (Unpublished Posts) in Your Advertising
If you’re looking to catch up with some of the big brands when it comes to advertising on Facebook, this is your chance. The posts are “dark posts” or “unpublished posts” because they will not appear on your timeline but rather they show up in the newsfeed and appear as a “sponsored” piece of content. What’s so great about these posts? You can target any group you’d like. Whether it is a specific demographic of your current followers or a new target group like “small business owners” and boom –your post shows up right in their newsfeed as though you’re just another one of their friends sharing a status or photo.
  • 2 April 2014
  • Author: James Nagy
  • Number of views: 4831
What Happens When Your Facebook Contest Ends?

Now that our Facebook contest has officially closed, the winners have been awarded, and we’ve all gone back to our regularly scheduled lives –I wanted to post an update about what’s happened since then. My big goals for this contest were to 1) get more subscribers to our weekly newsletter and 2) bump up engagement on our Facebook page. So let me just share what I’ve found…

Attempting to Increase Engagement

If you've been following along here you'll know that we launched a Facebook giveaway last week with VERY FEW people who have signed up.  Sign up closes this Friday, and the number of people engaging hasn't budged.  Let me walk you through a few things I've tried in my attempts to increase engagement.

A Few Advertising Flops

I'm taking this week to plan our first Facebook contest; it kicks off this upcoming Monday.  Now that I've taken the past three weeks to use paid advertising to beef up our Facebook following, it's finally time to give those new followers a chance to win a great prize.  Money!  Meanwhile, I wanted to look back on the past few weeks and share a couple "learn from my mistakes" ... "do as I say not as I do" tips when it comes to advertising on Facebook and Twitter.

Getting My Feet Wet in Paid Advertising

Alright, I promised I’d be back Monday with the results I’ve had so far with my Twitter and Facebook paid advertising campaigns.  Well, here I am.  Let’s lay it out by social network and start at the beginning.

Getting Started

How to Buy Friends and Influence People

On social media! Sorry, I can't help you with that application in day to day life...  I'm here to document and share with you the good, the bad, and the ugly of my first attempts to market via social media advertising and contests.  I'm new to this, so feel free to struggle along with me, point out my mistakes, and give me some nice pointers.  


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Consultants: The Importance of Being an Expert

​As a consultant, you’ll run into situations nearly daily where you are meeting new people who want to hear about what you do. I get questions regularly on topics that I consult on. Many times these conversations come up on the spot and out of a normal business environment.  So, what do you do when you’re approached, totally unprepared, and you have to talk about your business out of the blue? Do you know your business well enough that you can stop whatever you’re doing and come up with an intelligent informed conversation? As a consultant, this is a must.
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