The Value of the Retrospective Meeting

​The retrospective meeting is one that everyone thinks they want, but often times people don’t actually do.  It’s extremely important though, after you do something big, to pull everyone back together and ask, “What worked well? What needs improvement? What should we never do again?” The difficult part to having a retrospective meeting is doing it in a way that really stresses that the point of the meeting is to grow and improve and not to blame.

  • 5 June 2017
  • Author: James Nagy
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Social Media Marketing: Polling

​Recently, we’ve begun using polling in our marketing approach to get a little feedback from our followers and readers.  I should say, recently, we’ve been attempting to use polling in our marketing approach.  Why is that? Well, elections aside, this polling stuff is for the birds.  We’re not even registering people to get their vote here –this should be much simpler than it is. 

Using Polling in Your Marketing Strategy

​When it comes to social media marketing, one of the most valuable tools you have at your fingertips is the instant feedback from your followers. Customers and potential customers alike are available to give you the responses you may need to grow, change, and improve your business.  This is where polling can come in handy in your online marketing strategy.

Setting Social Media Marketing Goals

​Every business is different.  Even though we’re all in the social media marketing, content marketing, and overall online marketing world – our goals are different.  Depending on what type of business you have, what type of clientele you have, and what you want to accomplish – your strategy is going to grow and change.

Refresh Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

​If you’ve been in the social media marketing game so long that you could possibly write the book on it, this post might be for you.  Just because you’ve been around for awhile –doesn’t mean you’re using the best strategy for your business.  Look, it’s human nature to get comfortable and complacent.  Once you learn the ropes and fall into a routine, you start to go through the motions.  Unfortunately, social media is an ever changing beast and refreshing strategy is the name of the marketing game.

Marketing on Periscope

​More and more brands are following their customers onto apps like Snapchat, Meerkat, and Periscope.  It makes sense –you want to market in places that your customers can find you.  However, many of these apps are designed in a way that can make it difficult for marketers to use them successfully.  They can seem daunting. That does not mean it’s impossible.  It just means that these are not conventional platforms and, therefore, they need an unconventional approach.  You have to get creative to market on Periscope.

Social Media Marketing: Where to Find Your Target Audience

One size does not fit all in the land of social media marketing.  As a business marketing online, it’s essential that you’re able to reach your target audience.  Why spend countless hours, planning, and dollars on marketing efforts that are being put in front of the wrong audience?  You have to identify who your target customers are.  What demographic are you selling to? Who are your potential customers or clients?

Using Canva to Create Free Graphics

​Finding images to use in social media marketing, content marketing, and as images on your personal website can be difficult.  You want to be sure that you’re not using images that you shouldn’t be.  This gets a little hairy nowadays.  Images that you thought were free and available for reuse are often times not.  What’s the safest route? Take your own photos or create your own graphics.

LinkedIn Profile Examples: How To Create A Professional & Client Focused Profile

Have you wondered what to put into your LinkedIn profile? Perhaps it should read like your professional CV or bio? If you are looking for a job that approach may work.

However, if you are looking to use LinkedIn as a powerful business building tool, you’ll need to take a different approach.

But what exactly to write in your profile may have you stumped. In this article I will share several LinkedIn profile examples to help you learn how you can improve your profile.

How to Get People to Buy Into Your Great Idea

​Most people who think of a great idea want to hit the ground running.  While I can appreciate the sentiment, most people blazing a new trail are going to have a rougher start.  It may be rocky at the start, but eventually you CAN start running.  So, you have a great idea, and you’re hoping people will hear about it and think it’s great too?  But how do you take this concept in your head and convey it to others?

  • 19 May 2016
  • Author: James Nagy
  • Number of views: 1214

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