Strategic Planning: Back to the Basics

​Businesses are constantly working to grow, change, and improve.  Strategic planning meetings pop up often to brainstorm and plan out the company’s direction and goals for the next few years.  The problem is, at times, you don’t actually know where you are headed in the next 12 months –let alone the next 5 years.  Sometimes, when an organization is searching for the “next big idea”, they should instead be considering bringing it back to basics.

  • 27 February 2017
  • Author: James Nagy
  • Number of views: 478
Sales: Creating Repeat Customers

​When it comes to selling anything, from a product to a service, there is one thing that rings true.  It is always easier to sell to and get repeat business from existing customers than it is to find new customers to buy from you.  Because of this, creating repeat customers is essential to helping your business thrive. How do you create a repeat customer? There are a variety of factors that go into it.  A large component is making sure that the person you are selling to is able to save face.

  • 23 February 2017
  • Author: James Nagy
  • Number of views: 550
The Business of Negotiation

​When building software, there are many times that you will be negotiating with other companies or clients.  Negotiation is a business within itself. If done properly, it can really benefit you. If done improperly, it can really hurt you. Negotiations will come up in countless areas of development.  For example, when developing software you may be negotiating with a company for the honor of using their own software inside of yours.  This type of deal is a mutually beneficial one.  My company will get the benefits of your software to add value to mine, and you will get money from every transaction that transpires or set of software sold. If you can negotiate properly, so that everyone is satisfied, it’s a win-win.

  • 2 February 2017
  • Author: James Nagy
  • Number of views: 720
Working as a Consultant: Being the Company Psychologist

Anyone who’s ever worked as a consultant can tell you that it’s an extremely unique position to walk into an organization as an outsider. Consultants have the interesting perspective of observing company culture as a third party.  This can be a huge benefit to helping clients. The extra perspective can help people to be at their best.  This also puts the consultant in the interesting position of being the company psychologist at times.

  • 29 December 2016
  • Author: James Nagy
  • Number of views: 868
5 Best Articles of 2016

​With the year coming to a close, it’s always best practice to look back over the efforts that you’ve made throughout the year to see what was successful and what fell flat. Building on what has received great feedback is a great way to start your next year off right. When it comes to articles that we share with our followers, we want to produce content that people want and need. 

  • 19 December 2016
  • Author: James Nagy
  • Number of views: 685
Consulting: Time Management

​As a consultant, you are constantly being pulled in different directions. Often, you have multiple projects, and people, who need your attention at once. It can be overwhelming and some consultants can drown in it.  The key to managing your workload, and your sanity, is effective time management.  For consultants, time management looks a little bit different than for those with one job.  You wear multiple hats, you juggle multiple roles, and you need to think outside the box a little to effectively manage your time.

  • 29 November 2016
  • Author: James Nagy
  • Number of views: 808
What the Election Taught us About Being a Consultant

We win some and we lose some. We all learned this the hard way during the latest election. Now that the political stuff is over, let’s get back to business. If any good can come from the crazy that was this last election, it’s that we learned a few things that we can apply to being a good consultant.

  • 17 November 2016
  • Author: James Nagy
  • Number of views: 903
Consulting: Breaking Up the Technical Talk

​Technology can be difficult to understand. Part of what we have to do as consultants is taking the technical jargon and breaking it down to something simpler.  We are the translators.  Not all consultants can fully understand both sides of the conversation, but the good ones will know enough about your business and your needs to be able to wear different hats.

  • 29 August 2016
  • Author: James Nagy
  • Number of views: 1019
Business Management Consulting: Unproductive Meetings

​We’ve all been there before.  The meeting that won’t end. The meeting that serves no real purpose. The meeting with so many important issues to cover and none that are getting fully addressed.  The meeting that is nothing more than a lecture.  All of these are unproductive, uninspiring, and unfulfilling.  What are the real costs of these meetings?  What are the consequences of an unproductive meeting?

  • 4 August 2016
  • Author: James Nagy
  • Number of views: 1739
Most Popular Articles So Far in 2016

​It’s hard to believe, but we’ve reached the halfway point already for 2016.  We’ve been writing new content weekly for you and have compiled a list of the top ten articles with the most views so far in 2016.  This is a great way for us to take a look back and get a great idea of what are readers are interested in. Take a look back and catch up on any great articles you may have missed.


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