Content Marketing: Failure Leads to Success

​There is potential for success and failure in everything you do in life. The same is true for blogging, article writing, and content marketing. People succeed or fail daily –it’s what you do with these successes and failures that determines how you will move forward.  When it comes to content marketing, learning from the results of your past content can push you further than before.

Guest Blogging – A Two Way Street?

​Marketers who are creating original content for their readers are already utilizing a very influential avenue.  When you create a following by being an “expert” in your field or across a certain set of topics, your business gets more visibility by potential customers and clients.  What do you do when you want to expand that reach? How do you get in front of a new set of readers? If you already have a very large following, how do you create a new experience for your current followers?  Guest blogging –for all of the above.

Influencer Marketing

​Whether your route is social media marketing, content marketing, or both –influencer marketing is an avenue that can help boost any sort of online campaign.  If you’ve been diligent about creating and posting new, unique, and relevant content on a regular basis, and you still aren’t getting the results you’re searching for, influencer marketing may be a smart next move for your business.

Content Marketing: What Type of Content Should You be Sharing?

​Content marketing has been around for quite awhile now, but there are still countless businesses that are new to the game or are revamping their content marketing strategies. Many people get the general idea behind content marketing. You are creating and sharing relevant and valuable content in a way that markets your business and attracts, acquires, and engages a target audience.  The end result, hopefully, is to drive your followers and customers into a specific profitable action.  Many get lost in what kind of content they should actually be creating and distributing though.  This can be the biggest downfall for businesses in content marketing.

Time Management for Social Media Marketing

Anyone with a Facebook page knows that it is simple to get sucked in the black hole that is social media.  Those of us managing social media accounts for businesses know this first hand.  With each different client, there is a different world of content, events, platforms, and information being thrown at you. The notifications never end. The engagement is ongoing.  So, how do you manage your time effectively while marketing on social media?

3 Big Content Marketing Myths

In the big wide world of content marketing, there are a few misconceptions that people have. Even though the practice is ever changing and evolving –there are a few myths that need to be debunked.  For those just starting out in the content marketing game, these myths may prevent them from succeeding.


Maximize Social Media Marketing with “Start a Fire”

​If you’re working as a content curator for your followers, you’ll want to know about this marketing tool.  For those of us that are creating fresh content on a regular basis, we also carefully choose content from other outlets to put in front of our followers as well. We want our following to have access to all sorts of relevant and helpful information.  The problem?  When you link to someone else’s article, you lose that reader down a rabbit hole of someone else’s content.

Bloggers – Edit Your Work or Lose Your Readers

​Everyone is an author now.  In the time of social media marketing, content marketing, and more –we’re all authors.  Maybe some of us shouldn’t be.  As someone who lives, eats, and breathes social media and content marketing –I constantly jump on my soapbox with the theory that fresh content is all powerful. I stand by that theory.  However, I have some edits to make.  Well, we all do.

Most Popular Articles So Far in 2016

​It’s hard to believe, but we’ve reached the halfway point already for 2016.  We’ve been writing new content weekly for you and have compiled a list of the top ten articles with the most views so far in 2016.  This is a great way for us to take a look back and get a great idea of what are readers are interested in. Take a look back and catch up on any great articles you may have missed.

Using Canva to Create Free Graphics

​Finding images to use in social media marketing, content marketing, and as images on your personal website can be difficult.  You want to be sure that you’re not using images that you shouldn’t be.  This gets a little hairy nowadays.  Images that you thought were free and available for reuse are often times not.  What’s the safest route? Take your own photos or create your own graphics.


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