5 Truly Simple Ways to Boost Engagement

​We’re all on social media for one reason or another.  Businesses in particular have a certain goal or set of goals that they are hoping to accomplish through their social media presence.  These goals vary from business to business.  Some are as simple as interacting with customers or giving them a place to leave reviews and find information and some are hoping for more business, new customers, etc.  What all of these goals have in common though is some level of engagement with customers and clients.  So, how can we increase engagement?

Congrats to Our Winners and Stay Tuned for our Next Contest

Well, our Twitter contest has officially wrapped and I'd say it's fair to say that we can call it a success!  We are sending out a $50 Visa Gift Card this week to each of our lucky winners: Hope Gilroy of Pennsylvania and Kimberly Snyder of North Carolina.  What did they do to win?  They simply retweeted our content!

Narrowing Down My Choices

In response to the resounding number of replies I've received (AKA crickets), I've looked back over our choices for Twitter contests. At this point, if I had to narrow down the choices, I'd pick one of two options. I'd be interested in either a "Tweet an Answer" contest or a "Picture Contest". You can refer back to our last post for more info on these types of contests.

What's Next?

As of now, we have two Facebook contests under our belt.  Both have come with their share of pains and both have taught us a few lessons to use moving forward.  The question now is - what's next?

What I've Learned About Running a Facebook Contest That Requires Participation

So, our latest Facebook contest has wrapped.  Winners have been chosen, newsletter has been renamed, prizes have been sent out.  So I'd like to take a minute and reflect back on what I've learned about this specific kind of Facebook contest.

Our Contest Winners!

We have chosen the winners of our contest and a new name for our newsletter!  The new name for our newsletter is “The Tech Talk”.  Allyson Cook of Clayton, NC is our grand prize winner of the $100 Visa Gift Card giveaway for renaming the newsletter. We had a few similar entries to the grand prize winner, but only one entry of “The Tech Talk”.  Our randomly selected winner of our $50 Visa Gift Card giveaway is Maria Gentry of Asheville, NC.  

Boosting Engagement: Not What I'd Call a Homerun

Well, it's been a long few weeks running this last Facebook contest and trying to boost engagement on our Facebook page.  And by "a long few weeks" I mean "equivalent to pulling teeth".  My whole goal was to get people talking and instead I've received a lot of radio silence.  I will say that there have been a few occasional extra 'likes' here or there and a random comment thrown in once a week or so, but that's about it.

Picking a Contest Winner
Alright, our contest is over and we've narrowed it down to our top 5 favorite submissions.  We're looking for your feedback to make our decision on the grand prize winner!
Looking for Feedback and Engagement

Well, the submission portion of our Facebook contest has officially closed.  We asked followers to submit their ideas to rename our weekly newsletter and we received about 150 ideas.  Now it's time for us to narrow it down to our top 5 and decide which suggestion is our grand prize winner!

Attempting to Increase Engagement

If you've been following along here you'll know that we launched a Facebook giveaway last week with VERY FEW people who have signed up.  Sign up closes this Friday, and the number of people engaging hasn't budged.  Let me walk you through a few things I've tried in my attempts to increase engagement.


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