Content Marketing: Failure Leads to Success

​There is potential for success and failure in everything you do in life. The same is true for blogging, article writing, and content marketing. People succeed or fail daily –it’s what you do with these successes and failures that determines how you will move forward.  When it comes to content marketing, learning from the results of your past content can push you further than before.

Email Marketing for Small Businesses

​Every different type of small business will require a unique marketing strategy. One tried and true avenue that has consistent benefits across multiple business types is email marketing. There are a multitude of approaches to email marketing. The main goal is to decide what it is that you should be accomplishing with your email marketing campaign and then develop an action plan to execute those goals.

What Does Social Media Management Actually Consist Of?

​Social media management is so many steps beyond just posting things to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.  When people are considering whether or not to outsource social media marketing –they should consider exactly what it involves to see what management of these accounts actually consists of. This can go a long way in determining whether or not you yourself are cut out for the job or if you should hire a company or manager to handle it for you. If you are going to outsource your social media management, you’ll want to be sure to understand what a manager should be dealing with on behalf of your business.

Using Twitter to Generate Leads

​Twitter is a top social media platform for marketers. From interacting with customers, to pushing your original content, to generating leads and everything in between, there are many benefits to using Twitter for your business. While having a Twitter profile to interact with current customers and clients and to network with connections is important, there is a lot of potential for Twitter to help grow your business as well.  Lead generation is a huge component of this.

Social Media Marketing Starts with the Website

We can all agree that a strong social media game plan and presence is important. In order to be effective in marketing your business on social media, however, you have to have a strong landing base. This starts with your company’s website.  How much time, energy, and money did you invest into your website?  Do you have a mobile friendly website? How is the user experience for visitors to your site?

Guest Blogging – A Two Way Street?

​Marketers who are creating original content for their readers are already utilizing a very influential avenue.  When you create a following by being an “expert” in your field or across a certain set of topics, your business gets more visibility by potential customers and clients.  What do you do when you want to expand that reach? How do you get in front of a new set of readers? If you already have a very large following, how do you create a new experience for your current followers?  Guest blogging –for all of the above.

Social Media Marketing: Polling

​Recently, we’ve begun using polling in our marketing approach to get a little feedback from our followers and readers.  I should say, recently, we’ve been attempting to use polling in our marketing approach.  Why is that? Well, elections aside, this polling stuff is for the birds.  We’re not even registering people to get their vote here –this should be much simpler than it is. 

Influencer Marketing

​Whether your route is social media marketing, content marketing, or both –influencer marketing is an avenue that can help boost any sort of online campaign.  If you’ve been diligent about creating and posting new, unique, and relevant content on a regular basis, and you still aren’t getting the results you’re searching for, influencer marketing may be a smart next move for your business.

Marketing with Instagram Slideshow Feature

​Instagram has rolled out its latest update to users worldwide.  This feature is one that has been popularly requested by Instagram users for quite some time.  The new slideshow feature allows users to upload and share up to ten photos and/or videos in a single post.  This is a big change to the previous model and it’s a change that has big potential for marketing your brand.

Learn to Successfully Market with Facebook Live

​Facebook has realized that live broadcasting is a huge trend that is here to stay across social media.  They’ve introduced Facebook Live since then, and now that people know how to use it and are paying attention, it’s time for marketers to start integrating live broadcasting into their social media strategies.


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