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Social media marketing can be a tremendous source of revenue – or a disappointing waste of time. We help owners of brick and mortar stores understand what they need to know about social media, so you can take full advantage of what will help your business, without wasting your time on things that won't.

Our social media marketing successes include:

Multi-channel product launch campaign

We developed a strategy to help a client generate new revenue sources by launching new products – but first, we needed to develop the proper marketing channels. To start, we created a bi-monthly bulletin to establish a vehicle for communication. We then changed the focus of the client’s website to educate users. Additionally, we cultivated new and existing partnerships with vendors to take advantage of these new marketing opportunities. The client was able to successfully launch the first product, and the campaign generated revenue to offset 75% of the cost of annual trade shows.

New application launch

To support the launch of a new iPhone medical services application, we created a new sales website for the product and developed a strong social media campaign targeted at students and professionals in the therapeutic field. To support the campaign, we also developed trade show and marketing materials that complemented these efforts.

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