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Working in the Pharmaceutical Industry is where it all began for J&S Tech Designs.  Both Susan and Jim started their professional careers at a small software development company that specialized in developing Pharmacy software applications.

Point of Sale Applications

Jim worked on the support, development and ultimately oversaw all aspects of their Point of Sale applications business division. This included defining business needs, creating application designs, establishing development methodologies, quality assurance, sales and technical support for:

  • 1000's of Retail locations
  • Mail Order fulfillment facilities
  • Managed Care organization
  • Chain Drug Store environments 

Claims Process Applications

Jim worked and interfaced directly with the teams that produced Prescription Claims Processing applications and Susan provided support to organizations who were process millions of claims annually.  

Jim was there at the beginnings of the Online Pharmacy Claims processing revolution.  He worked on the team that developed the software enhancements that could submit NCPDP v1.0 claims to PCS and PAID insurances using 300 baud dial-up modems.  Throughout his career in Pharmacy he worked on improving the adjudicating process by implementing additional versions of NCPDP standards and even helped to educated other software development companies in other countries to implement and use these industry standards.

Medication Therapy Management Software

Jim designed the entire UI/UX for a medication therapy management software application. Called RxCUR™, the software helps pharmacists work with patients to understand their prescriptions. The software is incredibly complex, with over 100 screen and thousands of work flows, and yet Jim’s exceptional UI/UX design provided these pharmacists with an effective, efficient solution.

Director of Clinical Pharmacy

Susan is the Directory of Clinical Pharmacy at a Health Plan in the central valley of California.

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