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What if your situation is unique? J&S Tech Designs provides custom software solutions to meet your needs.

We’ve seen it all – everything from work process to functionality issues. We can look at your unique business need and reframe the issue into something that can be solved through software, either through an off-the-shelf solution or a custom-developed application.

We will develop an efficient and elegant solution that reduces time, requirements and potentially resources. Here are some custom software solutions we’ve developed for other businesses:

HIPAA privacy and security software modifications

Our founder, Jim Nagy, ensured that a client’s pharmacy software was HIPAA-compliant, by developing and executing a one-year detailed project plan for software modifications. Jim oversaw all software modifications, development processes, quality assurance, departmental procedures changes, and database conversions.

Real-time transaction data processing

Jim developed and executed a two-year project plan to convert from previous data exchange standards to an NCPDP v5.1 industry standard. Jim oversaw all aspects of the project, including software modifications, database conversion and impact analysis.

CRM system rollout

Jim helped a large pharmacy chain develop and manage all aspects of a chain-wide central pharmacy management system, from the development of the detailed project plan to implementation and product development.

CRM system development

For a pharmaceutical firm, Jim led a multi-million dollar consulting project to co-develop a new software package that would document and track cognitive services performed at hospice pharmacies. Jim’s work included managing the project plan, costs, and product development.

Mobile application development

For an automotive aftermarket company, Jim took an existing software interface and wrapped it with a web services solution, creating a new mobile application. This was the first product of its kind for the company and has served as the foundation for several other successful applications.

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