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Software development life cycle (SDLC) methodology falls into two main categories:

  • Waterfall Software Development: The traditional development model featuring a linear timeline from planning to build to release.
  • Agile Software Development: Work occurs in sprints, with frequent releases that offer incremental improvements. Allows the quickest response to user feedback and allows you to adjust the software rapidly as needed.

We bring your business proven experience with all software development methodologies. Here are some of our favorite successes:

Software development lifecycle plan

A newly acquired division of a leading automotive service provider had no formal software development plan. Our founder, Jim Nagy, designed and implemented a multi-phase software release process that allowed for a more proactive approach. He directed team collaboration to facilitate communication, and he streamlined the workflow to create an on-time deadline-sensitive release cycle. With the improved process in place, Jim and his team were able to consistently design, develop and innovate new industry-changing software features and successfully release seven new products into the market. Revenue for the division increased year over year, and the division turned a profit for the first time – setting the foundation for continued growth.

New Windows-based pharmacy management system

A pharmacy benefits management company needed to replace several legacy software applications with better technology in order to stay competitive. Jim developed and executed a five-year project plan; as part of this master strategy, Jim converted three existing software packages into a single Windows-based application he developed for small, independent pharmacies, large chain drugstores, and high-volume mail-order pharmacies.

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