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    Social Media Marketing Plan: Do I Need a Website?

    James Nagy - 2936 Article rating: No rating

    We can all agree that a strong social media plan and presence is essential. To be effective in marketing your business online, however, you have to have a solid starting point. Social media marketing is just one piece of your sales funnel. It may be the way that people are initially finding your business, the way that people are checking up on your company once they’ve heard of you, or even the way that they are buying from you. Now that many social platforms allow for in app purchases, you may be wondering whether or not your business actually needs a website. The answer is yes. Before you get too far into building up your social media presence, make sure you have a good website. 

    Company Culture: Why Trust is Critical to Team Success

    James Nagy - 4539 Article rating: No rating

    We have all been a part of an organization whose culture is going south. Undermining behavior, manipulation, lack of commitment, high turnover, and burnout are just a few of the problems that stem from a team of people that cannot trust one another. Trust has been proven, time and again, to enhance both teamwork and collaboration. The importance of building a team you can trust cannot be overstated. Groups that feel supported by trust will thrive and those that don’t will tear each other apart.

    Time Management Techniques

    James Nagy - 7351 Article rating: No rating

    It’s all too easy to become distracted or waste time needed for work. This is especially true in a new world of working from home. In business, you are constantly being pulled in different directions. Often, you have multiple projects, and people, who need your attention at once. It can be overwhelming, and some can drown in it.  The key to managing your workload, and your sanity, is effective time management.  For consultants, time management looks a little bit different than for those with one job.  You wear multiple hats, you juggle multiple roles, and you need to think outside the box a little to effectively manage your time.

    Compartmentalization in Business: The Secret to Success

    James Nagy - 7002 Article rating: No rating

    Imagine you are in a meeting and you are met with bad news about a project you are working on.  Something isn’t right, something has happened, someone lied about something - now you are stuck.  You have all these emotions going on.  You are upset, angry, frustrated, hurt, whatever.  However, now it’s time to move to the next meeting with another team on another project.  How do you put your emotions in check and pivot to the next task without lashing out unexpectedly for what seems like no reason? What you are really asking in any of these scenarios is: how do you deal with all the things, and all the emotions, all at once? The answer is, even in business, you need to compartmentalize.

    Work Life Balance Amid the Coronavirus

    James Nagy - 8500 Article rating: No rating

    They say not to bring your work home with you. Keep work at work and keep home at home, but how do you do that right now? You have been thrown into working from home. Schools are cancelled. Events are cancelled. Businesses are failing. It feels like every day you are scrambling through chaos for some semblance of order. Right now, your mental health is arguably more important than ever. But how do you balance work and home when work has come home and home has become work? Your company may be on the verge of failing. Your family may need all of your attention. How do you choose what to prioritize? When does the workday start or end and when does “at home” time begin?  


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