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    App Developers Are Missing the Bugs: The Details Matter

    James Nagy - 1717 Article rating: No rating

    We live in an amazing time of smart technology. Smart cars, smart homes, smart devices. Convenience is built in all around us now without the lift of a finger. It is amazing what some of this technology can do. What is equally amazing? What some of this same technology CAN’T do. The details matter and app developers are missing opportunities.

    Top 3 Mobile Social Media Management Apps

    Breanne Liebmann - 3389 Article rating: No rating

    ​In order to run effective social media campaigns, you have to be able to run them from anywhere.  You may have a post that has to go out, notes on content that need to be added, or a nasty review that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. It can’t always wait until you get back to a computer.  Also, running an effective social media campaign shouldn’t mean that you have to be tied to your desk all day long.  Here are the top 3 social media management apps that I’ve found to be most useful over the last few years.

    User Experience Annoyances

    James Nagy - 4999 Article rating: No rating

    When a user experience is a good one -it's seamless.  You don't even realize how smooth your experience has been unless you look back and really think on it.  A bad user experience on the other hand ... Well, let's just stay those stick with you.  They can get your blood boiling or give you a horrible taste in your mouth towards a certain company, app, business, etc. that just won't go away.  I've decided to develop a series of articles about bad user experience, because when you've had enough you've had enough.  App developers, pay attention to this one, I promise you that a bad user experience will go a long way into ruining things for everyone.  Let's fix this before it goes too far.

    Qplay: TiVo's Founders Have Created New Way to Watch TV

    James Nagy - 5270 Article rating: No rating
    I was looking for a highly interactive new application that would seriously boost entertainment pleasure, and it looks like I may be getting what I was looking for. If you were following along here, I talked about my wish for a Website DVR –an application with the ability to record shows directly from different websites with no wait time, no buffering, and (in a perfect world) with no internet necessary.

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