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    Using Canva to Create Free Graphics

    Breanne Liebmann - 6876 Article rating: No rating

    ​Finding images to use in social media marketing, content marketing, and as images on your personal website can be difficult.  You want to be sure that you’re not using images that you shouldn’t be.  This gets a little hairy nowadays.  Images that you thought were free and available for reuse are often times not.  What’s the safest route? Take your own photos or create your own graphics.

    LinkedIn Profile Examples: How To Create A Professional & Client Focused Profile

    Melonie Dodaro - 4828 Article rating: No rating

    Have you wondered what to put into your LinkedIn profile? Perhaps it should read like your professional CV or bio? If you are looking for a job that approach may work.

    However, if you are looking to use LinkedIn as a powerful business building tool, you’ll need to take a different approach.

    But what exactly to write in your profile may have you stumped. In this article I will share several LinkedIn profile examples to help you learn how you can improve your profile.

    How to Get People to Buy Into Your Great Idea

    James Nagy - 5821 Article rating: No rating

    ​Most people who think of a great idea want to hit the ground running.  While I can appreciate the sentiment, most people blazing a new trail are going to have a rougher start.  It may be rocky at the start, but eventually you CAN start running.  So, you have a great idea, and you’re hoping people will hear about it and think it’s great too?  But how do you take this concept in your head and convey it to others?

    Marketing to Millennials

    Breanne Liebmann - 2542 Article rating: No rating

    ​Millennial is definitely a buzz word right now.  Mostly because they make up such a huge portion of the population.  As someone who technically falls into the “millennial” category, I can tell you first hand that social media marketing is a must if you want to reach them.  But how do you market to an entire demographic that does NOT want to be sold to?  Carefully.

    Social Media: Use an Essay Format

    Breanne Liebmann - 4571 Article rating: No rating

    By now, the masses are definitely educated in at least a little social media 101.  As a business, you’ve probably set up an account on all the major platforms.  Your Facebook business page is fleshed out, your Twitter business page is following all the right people, and so on.  But, are you really promoting your content the way it needs to be promoted?


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