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    Management Tools are Required to be a Successful Consultant

    James Nagy - 3209 Article rating: No rating

    As consultants, we are professionals who use knowledge, expertise and processes to deliver significant change and improvement for our clients. Consulting is more than giving advice. It’s plan, action and execution. Like any trade, there are challenges. Balancing multiple different clients and projects, traveling for work, meeting deadlines and executing plans are all part of the job description. This is why, in order to be a successful consultant, management tools are required.

    Give Your Brand a Social Facelift

    James Nagy - 3264 Article rating: 5.0

    Whether you're building a brand or maintaining a brand, you have to remember that it is multi-faceted.  It's like getting a job: you had a great interview, you scored the job, and now it's time to show up for your first day.  Are you going to roll out of bed and run in with the same clothes you had on the night before?  Or, are you going to put a little effort into your appearance?  Probably the latter.  Otherwise, it must have been a phone interview...  My point here is that appearance matters to your brand.  If you want customers to find you, you have to be accessible.  If you want customers to stick around after they've found you, you have to put a little effort into the appearance of your brand.  

    Marketing for Startups

    James Nagy - 8946 Article rating: No rating

    If you build it they will come... Hopefully.  There are so many start ups right now on and off the internet.  Now that you've developed this great company, how are you going to get the word out to potential clients and customers?  Being a start up, you probably don't have a ton of money to throw at the marketing side of your business.  What's cheap and relatively painless? Social media! But -where to start?  And -where do you get the most bang for your buck?

    Using Snapchat for Marketing

    James Nagy - 8471 Article rating: 5.0

    Most of us know how Snapchat works at this point, right? It’s a mobile app that allows its users to send photo and video messages that automatically delete themselves 1-10 seconds after being viewed.  That is the general premise.  From a marketing standpoint, is it possible for Snapchat to be a beneficial marketing tool for your business?  Well, as we’re finding out, the answer is yes.


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