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    ThinOPTICS - Glasses That Are Always With You
    James Nagy

    ThinOPTICS - Glasses That Are Always With You

    Never Be Without Your Reading Glasses Again


    Long gone are my days of searching through bags, cars and throughout the house for a pair of reading glasses. As a consultant, I have just a few “must have” items that work for both my time traveling for clients and also for my time at home. Reading glasses are a must. Think of how many times you’ve been on an airplane, in an airport, in a meeting or in a new hotel room while traveling through business. Nothing is in one place; you’re shuffling through your bags to find what you need. My biggest complaint was buying glasses I would continually lose or having a pair with a case too big to carry comfortably. Being on the road for work weekly, there are ample places for me to lose track of belongings.

    Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. We want to be upfront about this, when you purchase a product or service from a link on our site, we may receive a commission, which we appreciate. We only write for companies, products and/or servcies that we use ourselves and highly recommend to our friends and family.

    ThinOPTICS - The “stick anywhere...go everywhere” reading glasses!

    This brand promotes themselves as the creators of the “Always with You” reading glasses. What that means is that they’ve created a pair of reading glasses that are as thin as two credit cards. Better yet? They offer a LIFETIME guarantee. I’ve found that, for me, the best times to use them are in places where it’s dark and would normally be hard to find a pair to wear. Think movie theaters, restaurants, and while traveling. A pair weighs less than a nickel and can easily attach to your phone with its universal pod (case). You don’t have to buy a special case with the glasses; they can adhere to your existing phone or case. It can also be slipped easily into a wallet, purse or your pocket because it is so thin and lightweight. It’s a great design.

    The reason that I personally recommend them so highly is that the convenience, design, and accessibility of them is unmatched. They are always with you. Am I going to misplace my reading glasses in a day? More than likely. Am I going to misplace my phone in a day? Much less likely. Nowadays, your cell is practically glued to your hand. Having my reading glasses as handy and accessible as my phone is well worth it for me. It’s an ultra-thin pair of glasses that adhere to your phone and have some great grip technology –those are all benefits to me.

    The glasses themselves are more than just lightweight. They also have full-sized shatterproof lenses and a comfortable nose pad for a great universal fit. They have worked very well for me. These reading glasses can be purchased in four strengths: Extra Low Range (+1.00D), Low Range (+1.50D), Mid Range (+2.00D) and High Range (+2.50D).

    Currently, ThinOPTICS is partnering with Artlifting. ArtLifting empowers artists who are homeless or have disabilities. These artists have designed artwork to enhance glasses and glasses cases. 20% of the net profit of your purchase will go to ArtLifting to directly benefit artists.

    Always with you Mobile Phone Case with free bonus pair of glasses

    Right now, they are promoting some great offers for clients. They are offering a free bonus pair of glasses on the following (not including single case purchases):

    • Standard Universal Pods with glasses
    • Phone Cases with glasses

    They also have free shipping on all orders over $40, a 15% Discount for United States Military, and a 15% Discount for Teachers.

    When I find a product that makes my life a little easier, I think it’s important to get the good review out into the world. These glasses have been a comfortable and inexpensive way to solve a very common problem. To find your perfect pair of ThinOPTICS reading glasses, click the shop now button below to find your pair today.

    Shop Now!

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    James Nagy

    James NagyJames Nagy

    Looking for a business consultant, how can I help? As Co-Founder and Managing Partner of J&S Tech Designs, I have three decades of experience and expertise to share with you and help your business, product, or idea thrive.

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    Full biography

    As a strategic leader and entrepreneur, James Nagy has a record of generating growth by leveraging the latest technologies to drive sales, marketing, product development, and profitability. He is known for identifying and capitalizing on market trends, developing effective tactics for implementation, enhancing operating performance, and serving as a trusted advisor and business partner. Skilled at working across operations, James builds strong, cross-functional relationships and communicates complex technical information to diverse internal and external stakeholders.

    A big picture visionary, James identifies and reacts to market trends, providing disruptive strategies that go beyond IT to include sales, marketing, and product portfolio management. Building on his experience as Director of Software Development with premier companies Midas International Corporation and SXC Health Solutions, Inc., James launched two successful consulting companies, Sprocket Websites Inc. and J&S Tech Designs. As the Managing Director, he provides innovative solutions to clients in small- and mid-cap companies.

    When he is not advising other business leaders, James lends his expertise to a variety of organizations. He is a Founding Member & Committee Member of the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce; he serves on multiple teams and committees for the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce; he is a Founding Member of the Chicago Area DNN User Group, and he serves on the Board of Directors of the New West Symphony. In his free time, James enjoys Sci-Fi, coin collecting, traveling and wine tasting.



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