Hard Lessons Learned: Social Media Marketing

“The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Guide for Small Businesses”

Are you looking for a complete approach to social media marketing for your business?

  • You may want to start social media marketing, but you don’t know where to begin
  • Perhaps you’ve been posting on social media for months or years, but you’re not seeing any results
  • You might be unsure of what the best strategy is for your business

So you want to learn about Social Media Marketing?

We’ve led the way in running successful social media marketing campaigns for countless clients over the years. It can be difficult to know where to start and which strategy is the right one for your business. It’s also imperative that you know the ins and outs of each social media network that will benefit your business. We are here to share insider secrets and tips from years of experience.

In our book we will:

  • Show you where to start and lead you one step at a time
  • Help you to come up with dozens of ideas and topics to write about and post about
  • Teach you how to boost traffic to your blog with dozens of simple techniques that work from email marketing to social media
  • Show you how to develop your initial social media strategy, revamp any existing online presence you may have, and educate you on how to maintain a successful social media strategy for the long haul

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The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Guide for Small Businesses

We will reveal the secrets to social media success by:

  • Sharing detailed information about how to best form a social media strategy for your individual business
  • Giving you a step by step guide to developing (or revamping) your social media presence from start to finish
  • Breaking down each individual social media network to teach you the insider tips and tricks for each
  • Helping you to implement a social media marketing strategy that will help your business thrive


Here are a few of our most recent reviews:

“I decided to read through [the book] and follow the suggestions for my business, and it was very helpful. I already had my brand description and audience listed, but was very interested to list all my existing online presence, updating all those information pages, and learning the best times to post to each one. The examples of possible blogs were very helpful and writing a strategy for short and long term goals was a wonderful reminder. […] The book was most helpful for me in its concise overview of social media and it’s stressing the importance of keeping up to date on social media content. Thank you so much for writing the book and for sharing it so freely.” – Connie S.

“What a useful tool this will be for everybody! Now I can really appreciate your Synergy Business Connections lectures. […] I'll be working on my social media next week using your instructions, which are very clear and easy to understand. That will be a good test for you. I can't think of anything that you could do to improve the book. It is well organized and walks through everything with step by step instructions. It definitely is worth purchasing as a guide line and check list for people small business owners. I am very, very impressed! Thanks for sharing it with me.” – Debbie S.

You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of social media marketing for small businesses
  • How to identify your audience
  • How to develop a successful marketing strategy
  • The optimal times and ways to post on each social media network
  • A breakdown of every type of content and post that you can make and how they will work for your business
  • A step by step guide to setting (up or redoing) your social media and online platforms
  • How to use review sites like Yelp to your advantage
  • How to optimize your social media posts so that your target audience will find them
  • The best ways to engage with customers and prospective customers online

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Is this Book for You?

If you’re a business owner or marketer, across any type of industry, then this book is for you. This book is for beginners and also for more advanced marketers who are looking to fine tune and perfect their social media marketing strategies.


What will you find inside? Listed below is an overview.

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Starting with the Basics

Chapter 3. Rebuild Yourself

Chapter 4. Grow with a Strategy

Chapter 5. Examples of Content to Post

Chapter 6. Social Media Platforms

Chapter 7. Re-Assess

Chapter 8. Marketing 101 Cheat Sheet

Chapter 9. Additional Resources

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