There are a massive amount of apps out there in the world.  Some are a little more original than others for sure.  We specialize in custom application development and have personally helped develop several apps for different business across different markets.  Innovation, originality, usability, and functionality are all key.  Here are a few other apps out there that tick all of those boxes.  These are some of the most innovative apps on the market, they may get your creative juices flowing into an idea all your own.

Be My Eyes

This app allows you to lend your eyes to the blind.  Pretty cool idea, huh? 

Here’s how it works via their website:

“A blind person requests assistance in the Be My Eyes app. The challenge that he/she needs help with can be anything from knowing the expiry date on the milk to navigating new surroundings. […]

Through a direct video call the app gives blind people the opportunity to ask a sighted volunteer for help, for tasks that requires normal vision. The blind person “lends” the helper’s eyes all through his or her smartphone. The sighted helper is able to see and describe what the blind person is showing the sighted helper by filming with the video camera in the smartphone. That way, by working together they are able to solve the problem that the blind person is facing.”

You get points for every person you help and these points add up to move you up in levels.  This is a nonprofit organization so for now – the app is free.

Thief Tracker

This is a great security app to have.  The features are really genius.  Thief Tracker helps you to have control when your phone is stolen, lost or mis-placed. This app takes a picture of the person trying to access your phone from the front cam when unlocking your device fails more than 3 times (or whatever limit you have set), it then uploads that image to a server and sends a notification to your email. The picture also gives the location of your mobile device.  The app gives the option in UI to delete all of your images that you have stored in the server and much more.

Word Lens

This innovative app allows you to translate pictures of words into different languages.  

You simply take a picture with your phone’s camera and open the picture in the app.  The app will translate the words for you.  Ex: You see a warning sign, but it’s in another language.  Use Word Lens to take a photo and translate the words on the sign so you can understand.


This is an interesting app.  Wakie is a social alarm clock that helps you to wake up… strangers!

How it works via their website:


Set an alarm for 7:00am and you’ll get a phone call from another Wakie member at 7:00am.
The calls last just 60 seconds — you’ll hear a warning at 50 seconds, and the call is
automatically disconnected at 1 minute. No awkward goodbyes, no long conversations —
calls are quick and casual. You can also choose to wake someone up yourself, too.


no phone numbers are visible or exchanged.”

Push Bullet

Here is an app that syncs all of your devices.  It can connect your phone with your PC and can show your phone’s notifications on your Laptop. It has also recently ntroduced a Universal Copy-Paste feature. This feature lets you copy anything from your computer and then directly paste it into your phone and vice-versa.  This is great to instantly send files from your computer to your phone.

There you have it.  5 of the most innovative apps on the market right now.  Feel free to share some more of your favorites below.  There are hundreds and hundreds of genius apps out there right now and we’d love to hear about all of them.

Jim Nagy is Co-Founder/Owner & Managing Partner of JSTD, LLC and a business consultant who specializes in technology consulting, retail operations consulting, and project management. He is also our designer and primary technician. He’s an expert in software development and business applications, with over 25 years of experience in IT, 20 years in software development, 16 years in executive management, and over six years entrepreneurial experience in the technology industry.