We’re only one day into Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 and there are already more than enough great products to write home about.  You can take a look back at some show stoppers that we covered last year: HERE. Let’s dive into CES 2016 and share some of our favorites so far this year.

360fly Camera

This is a one lens camera with a 4K image sensor that is the size of a small ball.  This 360 degree view camera can attach to a bike (or stand alone) and takes spherical videos.  It’s currently available to purchase at Best Buy for $399.99

Smart Shoes

In another dimension of wearable tech, French company Zhor-Tech has created smart shoes compatible with an app for adjustable temperature, tracking your steps and fitness, and much more.  The shoes are set to sell later this year for $450.


It wouldn’t be CES these days without some new drones.  It is expected that around 100 new drones will be unveiled at CES 2016. One great first impression was the Parrot Bebop 2.  This is a more affordable $550 drone that can be operated by your smartphone. We look forward to seeing more and more drones introduced in the week ahead.


This digital device is a new technology that is a little different than most we’ve seen so far.  Hairmax is a $799 laser treatment to restore lost hair.  You put over your scalp for 90 seconds every night.  We’ll be interested, in time, to hear reviews for whether or not it really works.


Netflix is going (almost) worldwide.  The company is expanding to 130 new countries.  With the exception of countries like China, North Korea, Syria, and Crimea (who are not included due to government restrictions), the service will essentially be made available worldwide.  To ramp up interest, Netflix is also introducing a few new series’.

Oculus Rift

Oculus is another CES favorite from last year that we covered.  A consumer version of the Rift headset will now be available and is selling for for $599. The first batch of units is scheduled to ship on March 28th. This batch includes two free games: Lucky’s Tale and Eve: Valkyrie.

Intel: Darqi Helmet

This helmet uses a “RealSense 3D camera to create a version augmented reality (AR) projected on a screen that also protects the wearer’s eyes. Unlike virtual reality, AR overlays computer images on the real world. Designed initially for construction workers and athletes, it could make its way into other uses.”

These products are just a tip of the iceberg.  We’re only one day in and we’re excited to stay tuned for the rest of the week and check back in with what’s new in the CES 2016.  What have your favorites been so far? Questions? Comment below!