As a consultant, you are working for yourself for the most part. The next client hardly ever just falls into your lap. A well-tuned marketing approach, a strong online presence, and a great network are all essential assets to securing new clients as a consultant. But, what about beyond marketing and networking? There are some new tools that are emerging for businesses who are looking to engage with other businesses. Lead-generation platforms can be a successful way to initiate new business as a consultant.

Here are a few lead-generation tools that consultants can use to find and engage new clients:


Thumbtack is a platform that customers or other businesses come to find local professionals. They fill out details about their needs and then those warm leads are sent to you as the consultant.  You can review these requests and then send quotes as you like. Customers review the quotes and then initiate contact with you to get started.


This is a free tool that consumers can use to find products and services that they want. Each time a consumer posts a request on Zaarly, the platform sends texts, push notifications, and emails to merchants who’ve signed up to provide services for that category or keyword. Merchants can then respond to consumers through the messaging system with price quotes and availability information.


Konnecti is a platform that plays matchmaker for your business. They advertise as being able to match you with new customers and business partners by directly introducing you to other professionals and companies based on mutual business and growth opportunities.

Once you know who your ideal client is and what you are willing to spend to generate leads, you can choose a platform for lead generation that works best for you.  What are your most lucrative lead generation tools? What are your thoughts? Comment below!