People hire consultants for a whole range of things when it comes to their businesses.  Most people are a little hesitant to jump into a consulting relationship and, because of this, they don’t always see the long term benefits that they might be missing out on.  If you’re looking to increase your productivity, hiring a consultant can help with that in a number of ways.  Whether you’re starting a new company or growing your existing business, the point is that hiring the right consultant can be a valuable way for your small business use specialized knowledge to increase productivity.

The key is to determine what your needs are and then to work with a consultant to address those needs.  Sometimes though, the opposite is true. Some people need to hire a consultant to determine what the issues are to develop the best way to fix them.  Think of a consultant as an outside expert that will help you solve internal problems.

Keeping that in mind, here are a few ways that hiring a consultant can help to increase productivity:


When you hire a consultant, you’re looking for a person that has experience in the areas that you need help with.  There is an understanding and efficiency that comes only with experience.  Your consultant can use their past experiences to streamline a process for you to use moving forward.

Fresh Perspective

This is a completely fresh pair of eyes looking at the same issues you’ve been racking your brain about day in and day out.  Sometimes a little bit of distance from the situation is the best way to see it in a new light.  If you have an issue that isn’t moving forward, having a third party come in and give their opinion could be the push that you need to get things moving in the right direction again.

Unbiased Opinion

A consultant does not have the same investment in your business that you do.  This means that a good consultant will tell you the truth about what the problems are and what needs to be done to complete projects moving forward.

Contracted for a Specific Project

Maybe there’s a project you have that is lagging behind, missing deadlines, or just stalled completely.  Consider that if you’re hiring a consultant to complete the project, you’re hiring a person whose sole purpose at your company is to do that project and to do it well.  Taking things off your plate and getting projects completed is a huge step in being productive.

Finding Problems and Creating Solutions

The thing about consultants is that this is not their first gig.  They have most likely worked with businesses like yours, problems like yours, and a work environment like yours before. This gives them the insight necessary to identify your issues and then create solutions that they know to work.  This way you’re not wasting time searching in the dark for the problems are and then racking your brain to try to come up with solutions that may or may not work.

At the end of the day, when you choose to work with a consultant –you’re choosing to hire someone to benefit your business.  They are streamlining processes or projects for you that you either don’t have time for or don’t have the capability to currently handle yourself.  It is a very smart move.

Have you considered working with a consultant in the past? What has held you back? If you have hired a consultant, what was your experience? Were they able to shed light on issues that you hadn’t been able to figure out before? Were there projects that were finally completed? We want to hear your thoughts and experiences, comment below!