Well, it’s official.  I’m an Apple convert.  Recently, my last phone bit the dust (kind of literally) so I purchased an iPhone 6.  My first iPhone.  I have to say, it is kind of a game changer.  Sure, I’ll look back and remember fondly the times that I wanted to throw my previous phone against the wall.  And yes, I will have to think of new things to do to fill the time I used to spend restarting my phone regularly.  Every five minutes.  Of my life.  But I think I can persevere, and I hope to come out the other side.  So, what is it that makes my iPhone so great?  Well, it’s hard to say because my user experience has been so absolutely seamless.

If I had to narrow it down to a few points, these would be them:


I didn’t need to “learn” my new phone.  I think one of the greatest fears I had about purchasing an iPhone was that it was going to be too technologically advanced for me.  I’m not exactly tech-savvy (understatement of the year).  The transition was simple for me though.  There was nothing to learn.  It worked how I needed it to work in predictable ways.
My phone just works.  It really does.  The interface is so simple and intuitive, my apps download quickly and work correctly, and I don’t have to restart my phone.  Really.  That is not a lie. I don’t really think about the ease of using my phone anymore, because I just don’t think about my phone anymore.  I’m already taking it for granted.  I’ll say it –it’s like I’ve known it my whole life.
I love the design.  It’s clean, it’s simple, and it’s just so good looking.  There are ten thousand options out there for phones nowadays, but Apple takes it down a notch.  There aren’t a million options and I like that.  It’s not too busy, it’s not trying to do too much, it’s just right. 
My phone no longer annoys me.  There are no apps continuously running in the background eating up my data, I’m not restarting my phone every day to get it to work the way it’s supposed to, the guess work is gone.  When my iPhone is running low on battery it gives me a 20% notification, a 10% notification, and it turns off.  It does not give me the red signal of death for two hours while throwing alerts at me every five seconds with the stress level of diffusing a bomb.  48% left! 34% left! 20% left! 19% left! 18% left! 10% left! 5.59834% left! Stressful.


After years and years of countless other brands, I will say this is far and above the best phone I’ve ever had.  There’s no turning back now, it’s iPhones for life.  I may sound like an Apple spokesperson, a brown noser, etc. etc. and I’m completely fine with that.  I know that at the end of the day I no longer have to worry about my phone.  That may sound crazy, but you don’t realize just how much of a headache your phone is until it isn’t anymore.

Comments? Fellow iPhone lovers out there? Haters?  Leave your thoughts below!