A few weeks ago, I wrote a two part article series about my user experience with both T Mobile and Samsung (Here are: Part One and Part Two).  I tagged both companies in the post and wanted to take a moment and thank Samsung for reaching out to me for help.  To be completely honest, I’ve spent entirely too much time on the phone dealing with this whole issue and I am not really interested in investing any more time into it.  I found a few hacks online that have worked to fix my issues with the phone for the time being.  I do truly appreciate you taking the time to reach out though.  It goes a long way to assuring this customer that you care about my experience.  If I have any future issues, I’ll be sure to reach out again.  Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Also, from this experience.  I encourage the masses out there to contact the phone manufacturer (ie Samsung) instead of the cell phone company (T Mobile) – I’ve had much better experience this way.  They seem more helpful for sure.