How is that possible? By testing out Birdly – a full-body flight simulator integrating the Oculus Rift. It looks like an amazing experience. Apparently, the person that created Birdly (Swiss artist Max Rheiner) used Oculus Rift to create the first virtual reality headset that doesn’t make you want to vomit. The virtual wings are less literal and more metaphorical now as they have discovered that it’s hard for humans to fly like an actual bird by flapping their wings at the right angle, etc.


According to Wired, there is now “a way to provide accurate head-tracking at low enough latency to prevent motion sickness, people who were raised on the promise of virtual reality are starting to experiment […] By twisting your arm you control the pitch of the wing: Tip up to soar higher, and tip down to dive. Catch the air with one hand to bank. To climb faster, you can vigorously pump both wings. Pistons provide realistic resistance, and a fan is calibrated to make the windspeed match your virtual velocity.”

Read about Joshua Batson’s experience on and see what he thinks about this product.

I think it sounds like an amazing twist on reality, your thoughts?