The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the biggest tech event of the year.  CES 2017 did not disappoint. Introducing the world to a variety of new products and technologies, this year’s show was so full of great technology –it’s hard to choose favorites. There is always an overwhelming amount of innovation showcased at this event.

Here are a few that we couldn’t help but share with our readers:

LG’s PJ9 Levitating Portable Speakers

The PJ9 Levitating Portable Speaker uses electromagnets to float in midair.  This impressive feature provides 360-degree sound.  When the battery starts to fade, the speaker automatically begins to wirelessly charge. A subwoofer is also embedded in the device’s station. Think about that. A speaker that is wireless, charges itself, and provides 360-degree sound to listeners? Impressive.

Mayfield Robotics’ Kuri

Kuri is a smart home robot that can understand its context and surroundings.  It has built in microphones, a camera, and sensors to help it map its surroundings. For $699, this smart home robot can recognize specific people and actually respond to questions while using facial expressions and movement.

LG Nano Cell TV Sets

Nano Cell TV sets are taking television resolution to a whole new level. Beyond UHD, 4K and plasma we now have “nano cell” technology.  The sets all feature this nano cell technology which utilizes “uniformly-sized particles approximately one nanometer in diameter”.  The idea is to keep picture quality high regardless of variables like viewing angle or lighting conditions.

Thinkware F800 Dash Cam

This is a camera with several different capabilities.  It has a “Parking Incident” feature that tells you if your parked car has been hit. The Dash Cam also has the ability to attach itself to the internet connection to send your location and status data to emergency services when a crash is detected.  If this doesn’t work, an “SOS” button is pressed.

Faraday Future FF 91

The Faraday Futures FF 91 is scheduled to start production next year. The automobile is an entirely new breed. This electric car has been nicknamed the “Tesla killer” and opinions on the feasibility of its future are mixed, to say the least. The automaker is staying relentlessly positive, but there are still details that are worrying the public.  One is the side mirrors, side cameras specifically, but side cameras are still not approved in the US for production vehicles.  We will see what the future holds for the Faraday Future FF 91.

LG’s New Signature OLED TV W7

This TV is razor thin.  Stunningly thin.  For comparison, an iPhone 7 is 7.1 mm thick -LG’s new Signature OLED TV W7 television comes in at a shocking 2.59 mm thick! This TV boasts 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR. The razor-thin panel mounts to the wall with a special magnet mounting system that practically melts it to the wall.  

ODG R-8 and R-9 Smartglasses

Virtual reality was huge at this year’s show. Augmented reality is the other half of this type of technology.  AR technologies overlay digital elements on top of the physical world around you. At this year’s show, ODG’s next-generation R-8 and R-9 smartglasses were shown as a lightweight and more compact solution in comparison to Microsoft’s HoloLens headset. They are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset. The R-9 model features a 50° field of view and 1080p resolution.  The less expensive R-8 glasses offer a 40˚ field of view with 720p resolution.

What were some of your favorite technologies and products from CES 2017? What were you hoping to see that you didn’t? Did it exceed expectations? What fell flat for you? Comment below!