J&S Tech Designs is celebrating its 10th anniversary. It’s hard to believe it, but it’s been ten years. We’ve grown and evolved quite a bit over that time.  Founded back in June of 2007 by Jim and Susan Nagy, the  company has accomplished a lot in the last decade.

Ten years ago, J&S Tech Designs started as a website development company.  That spun off into website development company Sprocket Websites, which is now celebrating its own seventh anniversary.  J&S Tech Designs has since continued on as a business consulting organization. We provide business consulting services to a wide variety of customers –including acting as the technical expertise behind Sprocket Websites.

Our company specializes in technology consulting and project management solutions. Our passion is taking complicated things and making them easy to use – a trademark of our approach to both technology and design.  A big focus of ours over the last ten years has been in both the automotive and healthcare industries. We have expertise in bringing software products from both of these industries to market.  We have worked on projects in the pharmaceutical industry involving point of sale applications, claims process applications, medication therapy management software and more.  In the automotive industry, over the years we have handled software development methodology, business development, executive business management, and much more.

Our great experience is in translating customer requirements and wishes into technical projects.  We have worked to successfully transform organizations from the old legacy waterfall software development method into nimble agile software development organizations.

Why is this successful? As customers come back and give us input, we are agile enough to readjust and cater to their plans and wishes.  It’s like writing a book. You write the first chapter and then open it up for discussion.  Once people give you feedback and input on chapter one, you can decide where to go next to best meet their needs. This helps us to most successfully transform customer wants and needs into actual working projects that can easily be executed.  We have been very successful with this approach over the last decade.

What’s next for J&S Tech Designs? We are always looking for new customers to help with their software development, company culture, or business organizational needs. As a business consulting organization, we truly work to take a good look at your current situation and business needs to assess what is working and what isn’t.  We can then help translate the areas your business needs work into areas where you are successful and thrive. Have any questions? Get in contact with us at 862.438.5783 today!