Maybe you’ve taken the leap.  Content marketing is huge right now.  You’ve read countless articles telling you, “If you build it, they will come.”  Unfortunately, “they” were wrong.  No one showed up to shower your blog with views and praise.  If your number of views is hovering around 10 (and that’s just the number of times you’ve come back to check on how many views you have), you might want to consider a few of these points.

Here are a few likely reasons that no one is reading your blog:

Reading Your Writing is Tough

I mean no offense by this, but this is a huge component for anyone reading anything.  Who is editing your work? Is it full of typos? Do your sentences even make sense? Are you all over the place? How’s your flow?  These things matter a great deal.  Consider this –if you want people to read your blog and take you seriously, you have to sound like you know what you’re talking about.  You don’t sound this way when you’ve written an article with no punctuation and no point.  People have to be able to follow what you’re saying and remain interested.  Write clearly, edit your work, consider your audience, and maintain your points.

You’re Not Writing Regularly

Maybe you started out strong and wrote three great blogs that really hooked people and then you dropped off the face of the earth for awhile.  Perhaps people really like your writing, but it’s so sporadic that they lose interest.  You posted two weeks in a row, then once after six months, then once after four months.  People get tired of waiting around.  There are ten million other blogs out there that are talking about similar topics to yours and they are putting in the time to post on a regular basis.

You’re Not Promoting Your Blog

Let’s just assume that you are an amazing writer and you’re posting articles on a regular basis, but the views are still not happening.  What are you doing to promote your blog, if anything? People will not just know when you have written a new blog.  You have to tell them.  There might be a huge lake full of water on the other side of the mountain, but you have to lead the horse to it in order for it to drink.  Your blog is the lake.  The horse is your readers.  They can’t meet unless you introduce them.

You’re Not Promoting it Properly

Perhaps after all of this, people still are not reading your blog.  Now you should consider whether or not you are promoting it properly.  What does this mean?  Well, first of all, WHERE are you promoting your blog?  What social media platforms are you on?  What platforms should you be on? Are you promoting it regularly there? Are you using relevant hashtags to make it searchable? Are you promoting it in an interesting way that attracts attention to it?  Do you have an email marketing campaign (newsletter) to get it out to your contacts? Have you considered running a contest or giveaway to increase your subscriptions to this newsletter? These are definitely boxes you want to check if you are looking to improve visibility.

You’re Not Writing About Things People Care About

Okay, this is the tough one.  Maybe you are writing well, writing regularly, and promoting in all the best ways.  Unfortunately, no one is biting.  It might be time to re work exactly what it is that you are writing about.  It’s obviously not garnering a whole lot of interest. This doesn’t mean that you can’t write about the things that you want to write about –it means you need a new approach.  Maybe you’re too technical for your audience.  Maybe you’re not choosing a specific topic that means anything to people.  How can you change your approach to get people interested?  Check out what others are writing about across similar topics.  How are they appealing to readers? What can you do to adapt your practices in that way?

If you have a blog that no one is reading, chances are that one of these topics is the reason behind it.  Have you had similar issues in the past that were solved by any of these points?  Don’t know where to start? Have questions about how you can improve your blog visibility and reader base?  Comment below!