“Video is the future of content marketing.” This statement is only a year old and holds even truer as time continues.  As we are bombarded by content given to us on multiple platforms, we expect to receive and absorb more information in less time.  There is no better way to do this effectively than through video; short, compelling and concise content.

Most business owners and marketing professionals understand that quality video is beneficial for business, however how you choose to distribute the video is equally, if not more important than having the content.  If you have an amazing video and no effective way for it to be seen, what is the point? That’s why it is important when creating your video to also begin to think about where it is going to go and how it will be distributed and shared with your potential customers. 

At Spotburner, we have 7 ways that we can help you distribute your video content.

1. Cable/Broadcast Commercials

This is often the first distribution method people think about when they are trying to decide how to use their 30 second piece of quality video content.  Commercials are great for businesses with a broad audience, such as shopping malls, mortgage companies and restaurants.  Cable commercials are great because they can be targeted locally and even demographically based on the type of channel it is displayed on.  For example, a commercial airing on a local ESPN channel is going to be seen primarily by men where an ad airing on a local HGTV channel is going to be seen primarily by women.   

2. Digital Pre-Roll

Digital pre-roll is a great option for most businesses, especially those targeting a very specific audience.  Pre-roll ads are able to be targeted specifically using reverse IP technology and demographic, behavioral and geographic requirements.  These ads are shown on a number of different websites, specific to where your audience is.  The content is compelling, engaging and can even be interactive for a greater ROI.  To learn more about digital pre-roll click here.

3. Your Website

Videos are great to have on our website for multiple reasons.  Diode digital found that when it comes to visiting a website, 60% of people will watch a video before reading any content.Engaging quality video make you look like an expert in your field to potential customers visiting your website.  Video can also be used to explain more complicated information clearly and consistently to your customers.  For example, the options and process of financing a home solar system are very complicated.  We recently produced a 2-minute video for a solar company so that their team will be more clear and effective at explaining the options to their customers.  Now their website is more engaging, clear and informative.

4. E-Marketing

Many companies have begun to send out weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newsletters to their customers.  If you embed a video into one of these emails, your click through rate increases 600%.  This means that people like video, they engage with the content and they are listening to your message!  If you do not already have an email list to distribute your content to, do not worry.  Nowadays you can buy a targeted email list and distribute your content to potential customers.  This means that now you are able to reach people you have never reached before with compelling content that direct them back to your website and contact information.

5. Media

Most businesses are beginning to understand the value of using social media for business.  It is a great effective way to communicate with customers and keep them engaged and loyal to your business.  Video content can be shared to your social media so that your followers as well as their friends can see and engage with your content.

6. In-Store Displays

From your local auto repair shop to your dentist office, more and more waiting rooms and storefronts are installing TVs and sharing content with their customers.  If you have an engaging, branded videos this is a great way to share this content with your customers.  If they are sitting in your waiting area and you have a series of branded videos playing, they are going to learn more about your businesses and services, which increases brand loyalty and customer engagement. 

7. Trade Shows and Industry Events

Trade show booths are intended to be both engaging and informational.  What is more engaging than a 70’ plasma screen in your booth with a branded video running to provide an incentive for attendees to stay engaged with your display?  Having a quality video to share your brand establishes you as a leader in your industry and gives you the ability to highlight your strengths to your potential customers. 

It is not terribly difficult to find someone to produce a quality video for your business.  You can also find someone to distribute your content without much difficulty.  What makes Spotburner a different type of digital marketing company is that we can handle any project from conception, to creation and even distribution.  This means that when we are creating the content we already have a distribution method in mind, and are able to create the content in a way that speaks with the customer we are planning to engage with.  Spotburner is a transparent, personal and targeted marketing company that knows how to sell YOUR brand and YOUR business.  

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Lacey Foss is a CLU graduate, who after 4 years in the hospitality industry transitioned into marketing and never looked back.  She is now the Director of Operations at Spotburner, a professional video and digital marketing company that specializes in helping companies grow through professional branded video content.