Let’s talk about WWDC 2016 for a minute. Do be honest, I was completely underwhelmed before it even started.  I almost always watch every Apple keynote live.  This time? Truthfully? I didn’t care.  I didn’t watch it.  I knew that what was coming was going to be disappointing.  Why? The innovations have stopped coming out of Apple. Try to come up with one thing that they have innovated since Steve Jobs.  

If you’re thinking Apple Watch, you’re thinking wrong.  That was the last thing Jobs worked on.  In my opinion, Steve would have never released the Apple Watch until it was as polished as the first iPhone.  Products like the iPhone and the iPad were groundbreaking.  Revolutionary.  We haven’t seen another innovation since then.

So then, how does Apple get its groove back?

It will happen after they let Tim Cook go back to being the COO instead of the CEO.  Cook is great, but he is not a visionary.  The CEO of a company, especially one as innovative as Apple, needs to be the visionary.  CEO’s have to be able to see the ideas in their mind and visualize how to get there. They have to look past the daily grind. Look past what we’re doing today and see where we’re going tomorrow.

Cook fits the COO position.  Taking care of the day to day, figuring out all the work to get from point a to point b, etc.  This is where Cook is golden.  So, who would take over as CEO?  I think John Ive would have made a much better CEO.  He already does all of the design work.  Everything on your Apple devices, in terms of look and feel, Ive has a part in. He also worked really well with Steve Jobs.

Is it hopeless for Apple then? Absolutely not.  I am a huge Apple fan, but I do think that they’re lost their Mojo.  It’s time for a major shift, a visionary, a revolution.  I’m ready for Apple to start churning out innovations again and I’m ready to get back to being excited about what announcements are coming next. Expecting to be underwhelmed is not a feeling you want to give your customers.

What do you think? Has Apple lost its groove? Can they get it back? Do you think that Tim Cook is all wrong as CEO?  What are your thoughts? Comment below!