More and more brands are following their customers onto apps like Snapchat, Meerkat, and Periscope.  It makes sense –you want to market in places that your customers can find you.  However, many of these apps are designed in a way that can make it difficult for marketers to use them successfully.  They can seem daunting. That does not mean it’s impossible.  It just means that these are not conventional platforms and, therefore, they need an unconventional approach.  You have to get creative to market on Periscope.

Live streaming apps like Periscope have exploded in popularity and are going to be playing a major role in digital and social marketing moving forward.  This isn’t a new concept, YouTube has been allowing businesses to connect via video for years, but this quick live streaming approach is really taking off.

So, how do you do this?

Well, periscope can be used by anyone and everyone is using it.  You should start by coming up with a game plan for how your business can best thrive on this type of platform.  If you have a product that you are selling, by all means, get on there and sell it.  If we’re talking small businesses and direct sales, fire up a scope and show your product.  If you’re a different type of brand, then your focus should be on brand awareness, customer service and outreach, etc.

Some ideas?

Some of the big brands have paved the way a bit.  We’ve seen brands live stream events that they’re having and this really helps to amp up the energy and create interest. We’ve also seen brands posting behind the scenes videos, interviews, Q&As with customers, live-streamed giveaways and promotions, and more.

Having a new product release? Showcase it! People do live reveals or “unboxing” of new products all the time.  You can ask for feedback while developing a product or give a behind the scenes look at production.  Get your followers involved.

As with any other platform, you have to go into it with a plan.  Create your profile and make sure it’s completed. Follow the right people in your industry and the right people to get in front of your target customers. Plan videos ahead and post consistently to grow your following.  When creating broadcasts, you have the opportunity to use hashtags in your titles.  People are searching for specific content on Periscope so be sure to use keywords that your customers will find relevant. Also, remember that this app is tied to Twitter.  It would be helpful to have a strong base on Twitter first, that way you can invite your followers from Twitter and share with your connections.

The point here is that even though Periscope is an app –it is still a platform to connect with your customers.  You have to come up with a strategy and execute it consistently. It is definitely not impossible, but it is certainly different. 

What have your experiences been with similar apps so far? What do you think about marketing on apps like Periscope? What are your thoughts? Comment below!