Apple has officially scheduled their next product keynote for spring of 2016. Apple will be hosting their latest product announcement on Monday, March 21st on Apple Campus in Cupertino.  There has been, as usual, a lot of speculation about what Apple will be filling us in on and what they may be announcing to the public. All Apple has revealed to us so far is an invitation to the event with a cryptic message reading — “let us loop you in.” So, what can we expect? 

Well, speculation is that we are set to see a new 4 inch iPhone as well as a 9.7 inch iPad Air 3.  There will likely be some Apple Watch and software updates as well.  As far as a big reveal or unexpected announcement –we’ll just have to wait and see.

From Tech Crunch:

Rumor has it that Apple has been working on a new iPhone. This iPhone should feature a 4-inch display like the one in the iPhone 5s, but with an updated chip and camera. It’s unclear if it’s going to be called the iPhone 5se (for “special edition”), the iPhone SE or something else. […] Next up, we have the iPad Air. Last Fall, Apple updated the iPad mini and unveiled the iPad Pro. There was no word on the iPad Air. It looks like the company needed more time to work on a new 9.7-inch tablet.

We’ll be following along and will let you know what Apple reveals.  Is there an Apple Watch 2 in the making? Updates to Mac products? Will they reference the current legal battle with the FBI?

Some are speculating on the reason behind the date of the event.  It is set for one day before the company defends itself against government efforts to break security on a phone linked to the San Bernardino attacks.  At this point, all eyes are on Apple to see whether or not they will address it.

What would you like to see Apple announce on March 21st? What do you think, “let us loop you in” is referencing? Do you think that Apple should address the encryption battle at the keynote event?  Comment with your opinions below!