Often times, when we come across a difficult client or a challenging project –all we can see is frustration. We see demanding clients who are asking things of us that we can’t easily deliver. We are faced with tasks and projects that, while they fit inside our areas of expertise, they require us to rack our brains to try to figure out successful solutions. This is frustrating. This is tedious and time consuming. This is an opportunity for growth.

Challenges that appear in our businesses are simply weaknesses being pointed out. More training may be required, better software may need to be developed, stronger accountability and delegation of tasks may need to be put into place. Maybe you are short handed, maybe you are inexperienced in a certain area, maybe you are ill equipped to truly deliver a service that you have been promising. You can take the difficult clients, tasks and projects and work through them as quickly and painlessly as possible, while breathing a deep sigh of relief when they’re done. Or you can take those experiences and identify the areas for your business to grow.

What challenges did you face with your latest client or project? Could these challenges have been avoided? Answer those questions and then create action plans for continued improvement in the future. If there’s something that you require additional training on, then seek out that training. If a failure in software or personnel was a main issue, then come up with solutions to solve these problems.

Avoiding the same situations in the future doesn’t help you to grow and improve. If you avoid all of your most difficult customers, your pool to dip into will slowly and surely decrease. Avoiding challenges isn’t the way to manage a business. Effective growth, management and strategy can be implemented once you’ve identified areas that need serious work. 

What have been some of your biggest challenges in business? Did you work to avoid these issues in the future at all cost or did you implement changes so that they wouldn’t be challenges in the future? What are your thoughts on using your worst points in business to grow? How can you implement this effectively? Comment below!