Valued employees can be the true backbone of any successful organization. Everyone wants to feel noticed, valued and validated. When you show value in your employees as individuals, you are showing them that you notice the work that they are doing and the accomplishments they are bringing into the business.

What is the best way to show your team members that you value them? Through a good mix of noticing their accomplishments and stepping back so that they can achieve even more.

Set clear expectations: From the beginning, every job and role has to start with a layout of clear expectations. People cannot thrive if they don’t fully understand exactly what it is that you are needing from them and expecting of them. Roles and tasks should be clear from the beginning and updated on a regular basis as needed. This way, employees are not falling short simply from a lack of understanding about what exactly the expectations are. Set them up for success.
Give constructive feedback: Tearing down employees isn’t an effective way to encourage them to excel. Provide regular and constructive feedback to help employees to fine tune and build new skills. Feedback encourages improvements. When made in a positive and constructive way, it encourages improvements without resentment.
Praise them publicly: Everyone wants to be recognized. When you acknowledge accomplishments in front of a group of people, you are boosting their ego, drive and likelihood to reach for further success. You allow outsiders, like their peers and execs in the company, to see where credit is due and to associate it with that individual. 
Praise them individually: Just as important as praising someone publicly is taking the time to praise someone in private, individually. You’re developing a one on one relationship with employees where you show that you are seeing them as an individual and you are noticing their accomplishments. These might not be the kinds of updates that are necessary to a group setting, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still take the time to individually point out that you see and appreciate the hard work being done.
Give them space to accomplish things independently: Another component to creating successful employees is showing them that you trust them to accomplish tasks independently. By doing this, you are highlighting your confidence in them and in their capabilities. People feel valued when they feel trusted to accomplish a task without constant scrutiny and criticism. Give your employees room to succeed.

Valued employees perform better over time. With positive reinforcement and clear expectations you can create a team with confidence to succeed and the appreciation to stay a part of your organization. What are your thoughts about showing employees that you value them? Comment below!