BYOD (bring your own device) and BYOA (bring your own application)are two fast moving trends that are surfacing in a growing number of businesses and organizations. BYOD and BYOA are exploding in popularity for a multitude of reasons. Convenience, simplicity, and availability are just a few. People are bringing their devices and applications into the workplace for two very simple reasons.The first –they have them and the second –they know how to use them well.Many of these personal devices (including smartphones, laptops, tablets,etc.) are better and more capable than the organization’s actual equipment. This is the same story for the individual apps that people are using and bringing into their company atmosphere. Where do business consultants fit into this mix? Well, as consultants, we’re using BYOD/BYOA daily. This trend opens up several doors to a whole realm of advantages to businesses.
What are those advantages exactly?


Provides more advanced technology. Personal devices are often more advanced than the technology that the organization is able to provide for their employees. As a result, the use of these personal devices gives consultants an advantage in their ability to perform tasks quickly and more efficiently. This, in turn, benefits the business.
Makes working remotely easier.Instances where you are working with a consultant remotely become easier and more flexible. There are an endless number of possibilities for communicating, file sharing, conference calling, etc. Many times when you are hiring a consultant they will not be physically at your work site; because of this, it’s important to have advanced and reliable technology to make the interaction a smooth one.
Businesses are saving money. There is definitely an expense involved in providing and maintaining equipment, training, and software. When businesses are involved with BYOD/BYOA they are freeing up funds that would have been used towards equipment, training, software, etc. to be used in a different way. It is one less expense involved in hiring a consultant.
Increases Productivity. Consultants have become proficient with the use of their personal devices and the applications that they use on a daily basis; because of this, they are able to complete their jobs faster and with less complication. In fact, since people are already comfortable with the devices and applications they use they actually perform much more efficiently and with a higher quality.

From utilizing social media managers to best schedule your messages to scheduling apps to get your company back on track. There’s nothing wrong with learning your way around a new device that might have a benefit to your company. If whatever you’re currently doing isn’t working or isn’t efficient, take a chance on someone teaching you a new approach.

The BYOD/BYOA trend brings a multitude of benefits into an organization. Consultants themselves are already bringing a tremendous amount of benefits and support to businesses. The two assets combined lead to a huge advantage for your company. Hiring a consultant who is able to bring in new technologies, new applications, new devices, and new procedures is ideal. Don’t miss out on great opportunities for fear of branching out. A fresh perspective is sometimes all that you need and a different device or application may be just the tools needed to make that fresh perspective realized.