The people involved in an organization truly do ensure the success or failure of it. The effectiveness of its managers can make or break an organization. If you want to look at the effect that a manager is having, just look to see the culture of the company itself. How are people interacting? Which people are going and which people are staying? An effective way to measure how good, or bad, of a job a manager is doing is to take a look at who is leaving the company.

Both great and terrible managers will lose employees. The difference is that good managers are losing employees who are bad for the company. In general, a good manager will weed out the weak points.  Is someone not showing up like they should be? Is someone doing a poor job? Is someone not adding value to the team or draining resources from the business? These are the types of employees that will be lost when a good manager is in place. On the opposite end, bad managers cause businesses to lose good people. You aren’t showing that you value great employees. This is a big cost to the business in more ways than one.

Losing good people can mean failure in an organization. Do you want to lose the employees who are showing up, working hard, adding value to the team, and are experts at what they do? Definitely not. A good manager has to know what it takes to identify these good employees and how to effectively implement a strategy that keeps them with the company. Make them feel appreciated -not the same as those who aren’t invested.

A great way to drive motivation and enthusiasm into any company is by creating an eco system that these traits can grow. Start with a strong foundation. What traits do you want your employees to have? If you want dependable, innovative, motivating, positive, confident, and hard-working employees who communicate respectfully and dynamically then you have to be the type of manager who models those same traits. Having management that makes employees feel valuable is a great way to ensure loyalty from the best employees.

If you have someone who is working hard for you and doing a great job, and the way that you treat them and pay them isn’t reflective of that, then you are going to have great employees who no longer work for you. People like to go where they feel appreciated. Having a career is hard enough without fighting an uphill battle every day. On the other side of that coin, you are showing employees making countless errors and portraying poor behavior that they will get the same treatment as those who are truly invested. Why should they put the extra effort forward? You are paying the undependable employees and the dependable employees the same. You are treating hard working employees the same as employees who are putting no care into their work. The way that you manage people directly impacts the success or failure of your organization.

People like to work hard for and rally behind great leaders. If you want that same kind of dedication and loyalty from your employees, then you have to treat them in a way that nurtures those traits. Manage in a way that weeds out the bad and keeps the good. Show appreciation where you should. What are your thoughts on the types of people that managers lose while being in charge? Comment below!