Hint, it’s not banging your head against the wall…  Trust me -I tried that.  After nearly two weeks of trying everything under the sun to give away $100, I finally found something that worked.  And, being the kind individual that I am, I decided to share with all of you.  By the way, thanks for all your great comments and feedback (cough, cough).

Now, without further ado, what worked for me.  Well, I found a few websites that people looking for giveaways, promotions, and contest tend to frequent.  Then, I submitted our giveaway to 3 or 4 of those sites (the free ones).  I entered all of our information and I waited (with baited breath) and nothing happened.  All. Day. Long. It was crickets.  

The next morning I logged into the website that we were hosting our promotion through and, lo and behold, hundreds of entries!  I was ecstatic.  I mean, we’re really just trying out a ton of different methods here to figure out what actually works in a real life scenario.  I would have considered 100 entries total to be a huge success.  With only three days left on the giveaway, entries started pouring in.  The giveaway closed today at 5pm and we had over 1800 entries.  HOLY. COW.  

Now, I’ll be interested to see how many of these new “fans” stay fans now that the contest is over.  Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted.

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