We’ve been reporting Net Neutrality stories for you over the past few months (here and here).  As the argument heats up, more and more tech companies are jumping on board and vocalizing their outrage over the proposed laws.  The photo sharing service Imgur has joined the chorus and I think their argument is worth noting because despite being a top 25 website in the US and despite having raised $40 million they STILL have fears about larger players abusing paid prioritization. Which makes people think, if they can be affected – we all can be.

From TechCrunch:

“Imgur argues that two-tiered access to the Internet for technology companies would leave it with two options: “to pay for ‘fast lane’ access in order to compete on the same footing as competitors, or to opt not to do so.” In its estimation, either option would leave its business ‘significantly harmed.'”

Read the rest of the story and Imgur’s comments at TechCrunch.