Every business and every situation is unique.  Business owners will jump through countless hoops trying to find the right solution to help their company.  Whether this be a new process to introduce to their store, a new set of regulations to get their employees on track, or a new software to help streamline a process.  If you think that it is a custom software solution that might be required to meet the needs of your company to move forward or to fix issues that your business is currently having, engaging with a software consultant would be a good next step into figuring out your options.  It can help to have an outside perspective to assess your individual situation and see exactly what kind of help you need, what areas can be improved, and what custom software might be able to help with.

So, what exactly can a custom software solution help you with?

That’s just the thing – the software is custom to your business. The options are limitless here.  Everything from work process to functionality issues can be improved.  The idea is to look at your needs and then reframe the issue(s) into something that can be solved through software.  This can be a solution that is already available (an off-the-shelf software you can use) or this can be a solution that is custom-developed for your unique business.  These solutions help to develop an efficient process that will translate to a reduction in time, requirements, resources, etc.

When do you know it’s time?

If you have an issue in your organization that you think could be solved with some sort of software, it’s probably time to consider speaking with a software consultant.  If you have current software that you think can be improved upon or that you have ideas to enhance, it would be a good idea to talk to a software consultant.  The bottom line is, it never hurts to have a conversation.  Knowing your options can’t hurt and can be extremely beneficial for the future and the improvement of your business.  The sky’s the limit.

Here are a few examples of custom software solutions that we have developed for other businesses:

HIPAA privacy and security software modifications

Ensured that a client’s pharmacy software was HIPAA-compliant, by developing and executing a one-year detailed project plan for software modifications. Oversaw all software modifications, development processes, quality assurance, departmental procedures changes, and database conversions.

Real-time transaction data processing

Developed and executed a two-year project plan to convert from previous data exchange standards to an NCPDP v5.1 industry standard. Oversaw all aspects of the project, including software modifications, database conversion and impact analysis.

CRM system rollout

Helped a large pharmacy chain develop and manage all aspects of a chain-wide central pharmacy management system, from the development of the detailed project plan to implementation and product development.

CRM system development

Led a multi-million dollar consulting project for a pharmaceutical firm to co-develop a new software package that would document and track cognitive services performed at hospice pharmacies. Work included managing the project plan, costs, and product development.

Mobile application development

Took an existing software interface for an automotive aftermarket company and wrapped it with a web services solution, creating a new mobile application. This was the first product of its kind for the company and has served as the foundation for several other successful applications.

If you’d like to have a conversation about potential solutions for your business, feel free to contact us here!

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