Instagram has rolled out its latest update to users worldwide.  This feature is one that has been popularly requested by Instagram users for quite some time.  The new slideshow feature allows users to upload and share up to ten photos and/or videos in a single post.  This is a big change to the previous model and it’s a change that has big potential for marketing your brand.

This new feature basically gives users, and marketers alike, the opportunity to create a mini album in a single post that followers can then look through.  It’s as easy as users swiping left and right.  Now that the feature has been unveiled, social media marketers should be taking full advantage.  Think of all of the times that you went to post photos to Instagram. Do you find yourself searching for the absolute best one? When you have a lot of information to share, and different images that depict different things, you’re left with the choice to share photo after photo in a row or just skip it altogether. The slideshow feature allows you to share all of the photos that you want to –without turning off followers by spamming their feeds.

Consider the use of this feature when introducing a product to followers.  You can create a video about the product, have a graphic that has the description of that product, share photos of the product, and more –all in a single post.  This can also be an opportunity for a unique way to hold contests on Instagram.  You can use the feature by posting multiple images and then ask your audience to identify what the image segments come together to create.

This is a feature that platforms like Facebook and Twitter have allowed for quite awhile.  You can use similar approaches that you do with these social media networks and you can also branch out to tailor make your strategy for Instagram.  The novelty of being able to post multiple photos to Instagram at once, without spamming your followers, is a great one.  Users are extremely happy with this update –it’s one that marketers should take some time to get acquainted with and incorporate it into marketing strategies.

Have you used Instagram’s new slideshow feature for marketing to followers yet? What has been the biggest benefit to your brand? How would you market differently on Instagram with this new update? What are your thoughts on the way it changes the platform? Comment below!