Consultants need to be the most productive people in the room.  Consider this: when you’re hired on as a consultant, you’re being hired to do a very specific job.  Maybe you are being pulled in to finish a project that no one else has been able to get done, maybe you’re being brought on to help manage a team or a division, or maybe you’re there because you have a specific set of skills that that company needs.  Either way –time is money.  Also, many consultants are working on multiple projects, jobs, or positions at once. Because of this, finding ways to be increasingly more productive are always a must.

Here are a few apps that could definitely help in that department:

The Most Dangerous Writing App

This is just as serious as it sounds.  This app will definitely help you finish writing a report, release notes, a new article, etc. if you’re on a deadline.  Or else.  Users can pick a session length ranging from 5 minutes to 60 minutes and they then type without stopping. If they stop typing for 5 seconds? All of the work disappears. For people who are often too distracted to write, and thus missing deadlines, the app is “designed to shut down your inner editor and get you into a state of flow,” its creator says.  Does it sound a little counterproductive? Maybe.  But for those who are really having trouble focusing and forcing themselves to stick to deadlines, this might just be the push in the right direction that they need.


This app has been featured by Apple as one of the best new apps and we’re singing its praises as well.  Doo is an app that breaks down your overwhelming to-do lists into illustrated cards.  You can swipe up to mark something complete, down to save it for later, etc. “Doo is a beautiful way to get stuff done without stressing yourself out”, The Next Web.   Think of taking the stress out of your massive and overwhelming to do list every day. Doo helps you do that.


“Start getting more done in less time”.  This is a popular app that allows users to manage tasks and projects everywhere.  You can collaborate on shared tasks, access your tasks anywhere, receive notifications, track your productivity, and more.


Frequent business traveler? This app offers an effortless way to manage all your travel plans.

From Business 2 Community:

TripIt connects to your email and combs it for confirmation emails from major travel search and booking sites (including rental cars, hotels, restaurants, and sites such as Orbitz and Kayak), which it then uses to compile your itinerary, complete with maps, directions, and check-in details. You can even forward any emails the app might miss. Your travel information, including maps, is also available offline, a definite plus for regular travelers. The app also syncs with your calendars and can email your travel info to clients and co-workers.

These apps are all great productivity boosters for anyone in business.  If you’re a consultant, productivity is an absolute must.  What are your favorite productivity apps currently? Which of these are you going to give a try? What do you think? We want to hear from you -comment below!