With the year coming to a close, it’s always best practice to look back over the efforts that you’ve made throughout the year to see what was successful and what fell flat. Building on what has received great feedback is a great way to start your next year off right. When it comes to articles that we share with our followers, we want to produce content that people want and need. 

In case you missed any, here are the most popular articles of 2016:

The Next 5 Years: Cable TV to Disappear & People Driving in Drones

Let’s think about how different the world was just five short years ago.  Now picture the world in the next five years.  What will disappear? What innovations and businesses will take off? There could be something introduced in the next five years that’s as familiar to you as Facebook is right now, and you just don’t know it yet.

How to “Manage Up” as a Consultant

When working as a consultant, there are sometimes instances where you have a new boss that comes onto a project that you’re working on.  This gives an interesting twist to the job because, although you’re not a permanent employee of the company, you’ve actually been working on the project for longer than the new boss has been on the job.  So, how do you handle the new leadership style without letting it get in the way of your consultant process?

User Experience: Product Thinking

What do you think when you think “User Experience”?  For me, I think of a simple and easy to use interaction with a product.  So, what’s the most important? The features that make the product easy to use or the product itself that solves a problem for the user?  If you think the latter, then you are using product thinking.  So, why is this important to user experience?

Agile Development is Dead: A Hybrid is Born

Word is that Agile Development is dead.  People have been saying this for quite some time now and I have to say –I agree.  Agile Development, in its purest form that is, is dead.  It did have a long and productive life. Because of this, I think it’s necessary to reflect back on Agile Development and realize that, even though its purest form is dead, there is room for evolution.

Personality is the New UX

Have you heard of “conversationalist interfaces” yet? They are interfaces that use a text message like window so users can actually ask for what they want.  Think Siri.  When your interface is actually connecting with users, you want to provide a user experience to accompany that.  Users aren’t looking to talk to a robot.  When you’re showing a very few short lines of text at a time, you have to find a way to incorporate a positive user experience for the user.

These were the articles that you loved from this year. What articles are you still waiting to see? What would you like to see more of? Is there something you want to see less of? We want to hear your opinions –comment below!