The social media management platform Hootsuite has launched a new app for the iPhone called Hootsuite Enhance.  This app is a great tool for marketers.  It helps marketers to find, edit, and upgrade photos.  Marketers can then share those photos across various social networks sites.

So, what exactly does the app do? It has features that allow users to edit photos and create their own images for social media marketing. The app has standard sizing set for resizing and cropping photos based on image sizes for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Marketers have the ability to use photos in their library, customize photos, use filters, use effects, add borders, add and edit text and logos, and more.

Once an image is complete, users are then able to instantly share those photos across the specific social media platforms they want them featured on. It’s a one stop shop that allows marketers use of a full range of tools while simultaneously allowing them to make and schedule posts across different networks.

The cost of this new app? Free from the iTunes store.  It’s hard to beat that.  Hootsuite has already proven that it is an extremely valuable social media management and marketing tool.  The Hootsuite Enhance app really just adds to Hootsuite’s range of abilities.  It allows users to create appealing content that is custom fit to their specific brand.

It appears that Hootsuite is continually making strides to move forward, to build on their already successful marketing tools, and to give marketers every benefit to a flourishing campaign.   With this new app, Hootsuite has become a tool for marketers to not only schedule and maintain their content, but also to create original content as well. This is a great benefit in a time where using images online can be risky.  It’s getting harder and harder to tell if an online image is truly free to use or if you’ve correctly bought the rights to an image. Original content will always save users from this issue.

Who is already using Hootsuite as a social media management tool? Have you had any experience yet with the Hootsuite Enhance app? What are your thoughts on Hootsuite coming up with an app that allows users to create original content? What has your experience been so far? Comment below!