Black Friday has come and gone and we can now look back and see what the big ticket items were – and if you can still get them before Christmas!  We were looking for some great tech items that people are buying for this gift giving season and wanted to share them with you.  What we need is more technology items like the ones listed below.  That’s what we like to do here, help more people design better tech.  So take a look at the list of top tech gift ideas for 2014 and see what makes these tech items so great.

The GoPro HERO3+: Black Edition

The newest GoPro model is a huge hit this holiday season. Lots of big box stores had deep discounts on this camera on Black Friday.

Why it’s great tech? The GoPro HERO3+ offers a lighter housing, improved image sharpness, better battery life, and faster built-in Wi-Fi than older GoPro models.


Fitbit is a wristband to help keep track of exercise stats all day.  This amazing tool helps people stay on track with their fitness goals.

Why it’s great tech? It tracks your activity throughout the day and monitors the quality of your sleep at night. The FitBit uses LED lights on the device to show you how your day is measuring up against your personal goals.  This has been widely marketed throughout the year and featured on big TV shows like Big Brother.

4K TVs and Blue Ray Players:

There are several on the market right now, and they’re selling like hot cakes.  Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and LG are all in on the race.  The Panasonic DMPBDT330 4K Upscaling 3D Wi-Fi Blu-Ray Player is an impressive and popular match to its 4K TV counterpart.

Why it’s great tech?  It’s the birth of a whole new way of enjoying TV and movies! It offers four times the picture resolution of full HD 1080p.

iPhone 6 or 6 Plus:

This Apple phone has been huge this year.  This newest version comes with tons of updates, bigger screen, slim look and more. 

Why it’s great tech?  Apple has been tried and true for reliable and great technology.  Any bugs are quickly worked out and the tech itself if hard to live without.  Most Apple users are Apple users for life.  With a loyal following like that, they don’t have to give phones away.  People are buying anyway.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3

This is a robotics kit for kids ages 10 to 15 years.  This great set is an awesome way to teach your kids to build and program robots.

Why it’s great tech? As the brain of the kit, the Mindstorms EV3 uses an Intelligent Brick that features a ton of connection features.

According to PC Mag’s review:

“It has eight Mindstorms connection cable ports (modified RJ12 ports with the plastic tab on the right side of the jack), a mini-USB port for connecting to your computer, a microSD card slot for expanding the memory, and a full-size USB port for an optional Wi-Fi dongle or daisy-chaining up to three additional Mindstorms EV3 Intelligent Bricks for a total of 32 connection ports—useful if you want to build a much more complicated and expensive robot than the kit allows on its own. The Intelligent Brick also features built-in Bluetooth for directly controlling your robot with your mobile device and the Mindstorms iOS or Android app. The top of the brick holds a monochrome LCD display, four direction buttons, a back button, and a confirmation button on the top, and the right side of the brick holds a small speaker for playing sound files.”

What are your top tech picks this Christmas?  What did you splurge on (or save on) this Black Friday?  Comment below!