We’ve decided recently that we’d like to update our newsletter with fresh content and perspectives for our readers.  We would like to feature one guest blogger, every week, in our newsletters.  One question though –where are they?  Well, in theory, they’re all around us and should be pretty simple to seek out.

Think about it like this, we have a newsletter that features stories about a variety of different topics that we like to represent.  Having a guest blogger would allow us to cover more than one topic per week while adding a new perspective to the newsletter every week that we’ve never previously had.  On paper, it sounds like a good idea.  In reality, it’s not as easy to find guest bloggers as you may think.

We’ve written blanket posts on our social media sites asking people if they may be interested in guest blogging for us.  The result? A few likes or favorites, but no real responses.  Taking it a step further, we have begun to go down our list of people that we follow and contact each one on one.  This approach has been far more successful. 

We are seeking people who want to share their articles with a new set of readers.  This is an opportunity for bloggers, content writers, and industry professionals to increase their own visibility.

Who are we looking for exactly?  We focus on a number of different topics.  They include:

UI/UX, SDLC, Custom Software, Technology, Business Management Consulting, Social Media Marketing, Retail Operations Consulting, DNN, Custom Application Development, Automotive Industry, and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Do you specialize in or write about any of those topics or things related to them? Let us know! We are featuring a guest blogger every week moving forward and we would love to publish you –comment below!