Last week we introduced you to Jeff Monson of JLM Security Products. Monson shared with us several new and innovative technologies that are big in the security industry right now. This week, we’d like to focus on home and personal security and share what’s hot right now.

Monson relayed to us:

“What we’re working on now is a reliable solution for covert 3G/4G LTE hidden cameras. Unlike traditional IP cameras that require a router, modem, and high speed Internet connection, they will offer seamless streaming of the live video stream to your mobile devices and cloud recording. Cloud recording is very beneficial because, even if an intruder finds the camera and destroys it, the footage has already been captured and stored on a remote server. Another benefit to this technology is that the cameras will be portable and can be taken with you and used anywhere – home, work, on travel, etc. We have been testing several GSM modules and are getting very close to deployment.”

Interested in the most popular kinds of technology that people are utilizing in home security? Right now, in home security, the two most popular kinds of products are video surveillance products and GPS tracking products. The most popular video surveillance technology is IP cameras. JLM has a True IP line of covert hidden cameras that you can find on their site: here. These products have tiny, micro cameras built into common, everyday products, such as clocks, DVD/Blu-Ray players, air purifiers, artificial plants, etc. Their products are equipped with a very handy “WiFi module” that creates a continuous live video stream between the WiFi module in the camera and your own router. This video feed can then be tapped into from any computer on your network for either continuous or motion-activated recording. The feed can also be pushed to the Internet for live view from any internet-connected computer or mobile device anywhere in the world at any time. 

Monson comments that:

“Currently, our covert True IP cameras are equipped with a standard definition module, but we’ve just finished testing and are deploying the same products, but with a 720P HD WiFi module. They will be up on our site this week. These HD products will also feature P2P plug and play technology, which enables the user to push the feed out to the Internet without router configuration. Each product will come with its own QR code, so the user downloads an iOS/Android app, scans the QR code, and instantly have access to their live feed.”

In home security/personal use security, real time GPS tracking devices are the most popular products right now. You can find these real time GPS tracking devices on JLM’s site: here. GPS tracking is very popular for small businesses making sure their employees are doing what they’re supposed to be doing, concerned parents monitoring their teen drivers, parents tracking their children’s walk to school, etc. There are four different tracking devices to choose from depending on user’s needs. Users can choose between portable/battery-operated trackers, the OBD vehicle tracker that is powered by the vehicle’s on board diagnostics port, and a hard-wired tracker that wires into the vehicle’s wiring system to get power (this tracker is mainly used for fleet tracking purposes, e.g. trucking companies that want to monitor their fleet of trucks via GPS).

These real time GPS tracking devices then use a proprietary GPS tracking platform, the GPS Track Manager, as the portal where users can log in to see the live and historical data that’s been tracked. The servers store all the tracker’s reports (called “waypoints”) for a full year, so the user can go back to any day and any time to see exactly where the tracker was, for how long, how fast it was going, what direction it was going, etc. There is also an integrated mileage tracker and report generator that allows businesses that use company vehicle mileage as a tax deduction the ability to create a travel log and mileage reports in one-click.

As for those that don’t need to track live, but only need a record of where the tracker has been –there are GPS logging devices that will store the GPS location information on internal memory and then the user can plug it into their computer and use Google Maps-integrated software to view the data.

With new technology constantly emerging, it isn’t hard to see how the security industry is continually adapting its products to take full advantage of this. In home security, some of the hottest products right now are video surveillance and GPS tracking. Products like covert 3G/4G LTE hidden cameras with seamless cloud recording are huge. The ability to watch what’s happening in your home from anywhere in the world is an amazing thing.

Have any questions about any of the technology we talked about? Feel free to leave a comment below!