If you’re teaming up with a Social Media Marketing Consultant then you should know what to expect out of that interaction.  There are a few great sure fire ways to gain traction in the social media community and start to have your brand/business noticed.  The key is consistency to start to see a steady growth in followers and interactions.  Here are a few areas to keep consistent:

Frequency of posting. People are online every single day, especially on social media sites.  If someone heads to your Facebook page and sees that you post for a few days and then your page goes stale for a week –your consistency is gone.  A steady frequency of posting allows followers/current customers/potential customers to see you as a constant and reliable source of information.  You don’t look outdated, you look organized and CONSISTENT!
Posting relevant information.  It’s important to keep your business presence known.  You can post whatever you’d like on your social profiles; but, I would encourage you to continually steer the conversation back to you and your business.  By all mean, mix in some jokes, pictures, etc. At the end of the day, just make sure that your business is your main focus (and your followers’ main focus as well).
Your images and media. Keep your logos/pictures/banners etc. consistent with one another. You want to create the picture of a cohesive brand.  This will help your brand to become more easily recognizable by customers.  This is a huge benefit to you when it comes to visibility.  We see that little blue bird –we know Twitter, we see the G+ -we know it’s Google Plus.  What will people think when they see your logo?
Changing it up.  That’s right, a little bit of an oxymoron.  Consistently change your approach.  Social media is a giant living breathing entity these days.  Be prepared to evaluate, reevaluate, try new things, and scrap old ideas. It’s all about finding the right rhythm.
Engaging with followers.  This one is huge.  You want your customers to know that if they have a question/comment/or concern that they can receive feedback from you.  If you’re going to be part of social media, then you need to do just that, you need to be social.

The key to this approach is to be consistent.  If you’re working with a Social Media Consultant, you should know what kind of activity you should be seeing from them.  At J&S Tech, this is the start of our approach.  After developing social media profiles for you, creating a look and a design, we remain consistent in our efforts to give you a return in steady growth of followers which then translates to customers.  What do you think is the most important area to keep consistent in your online presence? Which do you think provides the most return?  Are they the same?

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