Whether it’s your cup of tea or not, social media sites are a major part of today’s online presence. It is the job of businesses to learn to adapt in order to be successful. In today’s current online community, this means having a social media marketing plan in action. If you personally don’t do social media, you may want to think about having a consultant set up a marketing plan for you. There are more benefits than you may think.

You are building a direct relationship with your customers. By taking the time to post and engage with your customers on social media sites, you are making yourself accessible to their wants and concerns. The relationships that you build with your customers allow them an outlet to speak to you, ask questions, and better understand your business.
You are generating traffic to your business and your website. You’ve now made yourself more accessible and visible to the public. You are reaching a whole new realm of customers who never knew you existed. All of these outlets point back to you. Your followers/fans/etc. are following stories generated by you, clicking on links that lead them back to your site, and are spreading the word to friends when they read something they like or find informative.
You are finding out more about your customer. Sites like Facebook provide analytics on your business pages. You can track which posts people are looking at, which posts people are clicking on, and which posts people are talking about. You can find out what interests your clients and turn those interests into profits.
You’re adding to your credentials. The impression that you give to customers who are online and in social media is an important one. When a customer or client searches for your company online and finds well oiled, up to date, informative social media sites –you look all the more reliable.
You’re helping to build likeability and rapport. Even if you are not directly engaging with each customer, users can see the way that you are speaking to customers and the way that you address comments or concerns. It is a great chance to build your reputation.
You have a chance to improve. Once your social media sites are up and running, you will receive feedback that is both good and bad. You may have posts that are never noticed or commented on and you may have others that start all kinds of discussions or revenue for you. You are getting real time feedback from customers and clients on a daily basis. This allows your business the opportunity to change and adapt

There are so many benefits to running a successful social media campaign –even if you are not completely comfortable doing so yourself. Between increased visibility, sales, and customer feedback, there is an endless amount of benefits to be had. The key, however, is to have a successful campaign. If you’re not able to put several hours a week into managing your campaign, it’s probably a good idea to ask for help. Customers don’t want to see stale information or sites that haven’t been updated in ages. At J&S Tech Designs, we provide social media marketing consulting for your benefit. We provide the tools and support to help your brand grow.

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Photo Source: liako on Flickr