We can all agree that a strong social media game plan and presence is important. In order to be effective in marketing your business on social media, however, you have to have a strong landing base. This starts with your company’s website.  How much time, energy, and money did you invest into your website?  Do you have a mobile friendly website? How is the user experience for visitors to your site?

Consider this –you may have a great social media strategy. Maybe your posts are drawing in attention, users are engaging, and they are buying what you are selling. When you have this great interaction on social media and you route a follower to your website to complete the transaction –you want that experience to go smoothly.  Why waste your time creating a great following and engagement if, when users head to your website to buy your product or use your service, you lose them?

Your online presence starts with a strong website. This includes ease of use for users, clear and easy to understand content, and functions that actually work. If you are consistent in your social media presence by posting daily and remaining relevant, but users head to your site and find a calendar that hasn’t been updated since the 90s and tabs that don’t work or load –you are going to lose potential customers and clients. This is your landing page. This is your online storefront. Make sure that it is functional and gives your customers the same experience that you would want to give them as a company.

Sites that aren’t updated, sites that constantly just reroute you to the app download on a mobile device, or sites that are confusing to use are going to drive away users in droves.  Online marketing has to be a well rounded approach. It’s a balance of website, social media presence, content and more.  Neglecting one or more of these avenues is going to have a negative effect on your business.  When people find a company on social media that they love and want to purchase from, the first thing they want to do is visit their website to find additional information. Make this an easy interaction. Continue the pleasant experience from Facebook page to business website page. You want to be consistent across all channels.

What are your thoughts on having a strong website for your business in order to have a strong social media strategy? Do you think that they website is necessary? Do you think not having a great website can negatively impact your business? Comment below!