Whether you’re building a brand or maintaining a brand, you have to remember that it is multi-faceted.  It’s like getting a job: you had a great interview, you scored the job, and now it’s time to show up for your first day.  Are you going to roll out of bed and run in with the same clothes you had on the night before?  Or, are you going to put a little effort into your appearance?  Probably the latter.  Otherwise, it must have been a phone interview…  My point here is that appearance matters to your brand.  If you want customers to find you, you have to be accessible.  If you want customers to stick around after they’ve found you, you have to put a little effort into the appearance of your brand.  

Let’s apply this to social media marketing.  You’ve built a brand.  You’ve got a great company/product/website etc.  Now it’s time to make yourself accessible to your customers.  That starts with your “social media storefront” and it never hurts to give your storefront a facelift.

Go To Fixes 

There are a few quick adjustments and check marks that every brand should be able to make every few months to make sure their social media storefront is up to date. I’d also suggest applying these updates to your website every few months as well – where applicable. 

Here’s our list:


Update your contact info.  Make sure your phone number, address, website, email, social links,  names and titles are up to date and accurate.  
Take a look through long and short descriptions listed on your business pages to make sure they are accurate, typo-free, and up to date.  Change these and punch them up every so often so that they don’t get stale.
Photos.  Update profile pictures and cover photos.  Take a look at your logos and see if they need updating and be sure to repost them to your pages if you tweak them.  If you have employee photos, make sure they are current employees.  If you have photos of a location, be sure it’s not an old location.
Go through your contact lists.  If you have contacts on LinkedIn, send them an invitation to connect with you on Facebook.  Maybe you’ve collected several more business cards over the last few months, search for them on social media and send out invitations to connect.  Don’t let that networking effort fall flat.
Sort through your following lists.  Who’s following you and who are you following.  Make sure that you are connecting with everyone you should be.
Respond to reviews.  This should happen more often than every few months.  Ideally, you would respond to reviews as they roll in.  However, if one or two slip through the cracks, it’s never too late to go back and address them.  
Claim your listings.  Once you’re online, the chances are you’re also going to be on places like Yelp, Google+, Foursquare, etc.  People can post about your business without you having any control over it.  Go in, claim your business listing, apply all the above updates, and respond to any reviews you may have.

There you have it, a social media storefront facelift.  This isn’t an every day occasion.  I know that building a business can bog you down and there are a little million details that need your focus at once.  Just remember that, just like you have to spend time making yourself presentable in the morning, you also have to spend time making your brand presentable as well.

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