Social media marketing is a tricky business to be in. Social media is an avenue that most people are already extremely familiar with. There are millions and millions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram… just to name a few. So, when a business decides they need to up their social media marketing game, they generally think that they can handle it themselves.

In all fairness, some are successful on their own. They do the research. They dedicate a ton of time, effort, and resources.  They hit the ground running. For most, running a business truly is an overwhelming job on its own. To handle all of your marketing, and to do so successfully and consistently, is unobtainable. Delegating is an important part of running a successful business. This is where social media marketers come in.

As a marketer, expanding organically is a great way to grow your business.  The way to expand organically may sound a little counterintuitive. Basically, spread around your expertise. Pass it around to everyone who needs it. You’re not running their campaigns for them, but you’re actively being an expert in your field and offering bits of advice where necessary.  When a conversation comes up about a friend’s business and online efforts, add something to the conversation.

Passing on your expertise in social media brings it up to people that that is your actual job. You are well versed and well qualified to answer questions and offer suggestions.  Help people. Help people and they may need more from you. Many times, people will jump in thinking it’s something manageable and end up realizing that social media marketing is a much bigger monster than they anticipated. They’re going to turn to an expert. Have you shown them that you are an expert who is willing to help? Sometimes helping people get started encourages them come back and to help them navigate and execute when they’ve decided it’s not time or resource efficient to do it on their own.

Give away a little free advice. Give away some tips and tricks. Show your cards a bit to show that you know what you’re doing. Then let growth happen organically. Let yourself be recommended. Choose what clients fit best for you.